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PS3 FFXIV~~The Long Wait


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Anyone else in the same boat as me, waiting for the PS3 release of FFXIV? I feel like I'm one of the few who have yet been able to play the game :cry:


The only way I can cure my FFXIV pre-addiction is by working on guides here until I drop out from fatigue :bounce:


One big thing I'm doing while I wait is having fun with my Gamefly account. I figure I'll have that till PS3 release. How is anyone else dealing with the wait? :frustrated:

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It being cross-platform is why XBox isn't getting it, I believe.


Anyways, I'm not in your boat, but I wish you clear waters and much wind, or something. ^^


Yeah, that's part of it. Microsoft has a real boner for their exclusive 360 servers. :roll: It's been this way for a while, too. Valve/Steam games such as Left 4 Dead 1 and 2, and Team Fortress 2, to name a couple. Despite having much more efficient and more active communities on PC, Microsoft refuses to allow for mingling.


There's also the issue of payments. FFXI actually was given some sort of exception no other game has gotten, wherein even without an X-Box Live Gold account, you could go online and play the game (and with people on PC and PS2, no less!). This time, however, Microsoft won't budge on matters concerning that, and expects you to ante up for their service at the same time as you pay the monthly for FFXIV.

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