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Preorder Items?


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So, I preordered the game before I realized there were preorder reward items. However, I never got any kind of special code or box or what not when I preordered down at my local mall. Does anybody have any idea where this special code we're supposed to get is coming from? Or should I head back out to Gamestop?


And sorry if this has been asked already. I poke around the forum a bit, but couldn't find another thread.

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I'm pretty sure I've read that the codes are in the box, and that we have to apply them to our Square Enix account before making the characters in order to get the items.


There's the goggles and the onion helm for preorders, I'm not certain but CE owners may get both. If you have the promotional code from FFXIII there are a pair of swanky looking gauntlets waiting for you too, good for any class.

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Just for clarification, the CE gives the helm and the standard gives the goggles.


The goggles will provide an skill point boost, by increaseing the amount you get from various things.


The helm will lessen the "Weakened" debuff that you get after you are KO'd.


From my understanding, the goggles get the experience increase so that the ones who didn't get the CE will not be -too- far behind those that did and will be able to catch up easier.


Another important note regarding pre-order items...


You have to register the items BEFORE you create your character. Once you obtain the "reqard code" you will register it to your Square Enix Account and then all characters that you create, after the code is registered, will receive the item. Any characters that are created before hand will not get the item.


Judging from past experience, regarding pre-order and bonus item codes, you'll get the code somewhere in the packaging.

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Actually... I think to have a small cameo of Onion Knight in XIV is pretty sweet. I pre-ordered the CE, but rather for the token and the concept art journal. And to be honest, I'd prefer the goggles over the helmet for their stats and overall look/use. Unless the goggles have a level cap for their use it's a real advantage, even with the extra days for the CE.


Furthermore... I cannot think about role-playing with that helmet apart for an excuse of it being an artifact (which it technically is...)

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Yeah, I ordered the CE for the journal and the nice little trinkets, but not a fan of that helment (which is why I was going to give it to my mom).


However it is nice to know that information about 'before', so when I do get the goggles I can create Koti with them. xD That just means that my boys get made before the female does.

Though I don't play that often, it probably wont make that big of a difference(curse you art, curse you comic, and curse you MUSH)

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Yeah, I think SE made a pretty bad decision with the pre-order items. I was going to get the collectors edition (mostly because of the leather-bound concept art book, also because it's only $10 more considering the 30 days of free play), but then I saw that the standard edition came with EXPERIENCE BOOSTING GOGGLES. Umm, so even if the collector's edition gets to play 8 days ahead of time, that can be easily made up with those goggles. Not sure how much they boost XP, but in an MMO where you'll be devoting a lot of time, it's a clear decision.

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Eh, I don't think it makes that much of a difference if someone reaches a certain level a week earlier than someone else.

In the end, noone can go past the maximum level anyway.

I do agree that the goggles look way cooler, but I'm certain that there are other goggles in the game that look thesame.


So! Artwork for me!

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