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Video from the Pre-Launch event showing...


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The cake/boat/canon crafting mini-game as well as hairstyles and what I can only describe as ship vs ship combat.



I'm REALLY REALLY curious to know what they are saying during that ship battle. It very clearly looks like in-game graphics. Since they are showing off new gameplay systems I really hope this means we'll get ownable/pilotable ships. I am completely happy if its a group/company gameplay thing.

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Ship battles would make me a very happy pirate. The RP potential is huge.


I agree. There hasn't been an MMO to even touch multi-person ships or PVP with them since SWG (which was the highlight of my time with that game).


If multi-person ships are true, and if they are craftable to boot, this might just be the last MMO I'll ever need. Hopefully there would be Ship vs Monster too...


Really really really hoping this is true... it would totally flesh out the character I am evolving Asytra into...:cactuar:


The cake is not a lie after all! :o


No, it isn't! :moogle:

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Ship battles would be amazing.

Customizing cannons too? That's epic.


The cake, however, made my day. Especially since it's being made by 2 lalafell, and ends up being bigger than the both of them. How'd they even construct it?


My only gripe is that they didn't show off the new hairs. Too bright and hard to see.

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