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Sid Meier's Civilization V

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On the 21st, a single day before FFXIV's collector's edition release, Civilization V will be launching. Many of my friends and I are huge fans of the series (and strategy games in general), and personally, I've already bought and pre-loaded the game on Steam. Is anyone else gonna be getting the game? I'd like to have a ton of people to play it with. :D


On a related note, how many people use Steam? I was thinking perhaps a Steam ID directory thread could be made, or perhaps merged with the XBL/PSN directory.

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I've wanted to get into it but my time is always split between other games. (On top of that' date=' the Ubisoft DRM puts me off a bit too.)[/quote']


Uh... Civ isn't Ubisoft? Firaxis is a subsidary of 2k games and if you were refering to Ubisoft's DRM on their games it has nothing to do with steam either. In fact Valve is forcing them to remove their proprietary DRM in favor of the Steamworks framework for all future releases on Steam.




I've been waiting for Civ V forever~ My friends and I used to play 4 in a LAN every week back in college : ) It was great fun. I imagine I'll probably (if my compy can handle it...) have it and FFXIV running at the same time. It'll give me something to do when idling in-game for whatever reason.

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Oh, I am so getting Civ V. I've played the series since the original, and I plan to take over the world so hard. This iteration of the series looks fantastic as well. A shame it comes out so close to XIV, as I've never been too good at time management










..sorry got distracted.


So I'll have to get my game ID out to you other players! Once we hit our 8 hours, we can hop on Civ and you can see what happens when Ragnar goes medieval.

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With the addition of tactical combat finally (FINALLY!!!) and city-states that won't declare war on you that you could actually try to get along with I am thinking this Civ might be quite good and not have some of the issues that have always turned me off of the past games.


The release date though has postponed a purchase. No point to buy it, play it day one, then shelve it for a long time for me.


They would have done well to have released it earlier.

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I am horribly tempted. I loved IV' date=' and I'm sad that I won't be getting V because I'll be playing XIV too much. :P[/quote']


Get it, get it, get it.


Civ is always one of my fave games, and this new one looks like it's just doing everything right. This and FFXIV will be killing me this week, good thing I have a light school load!

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I'll probably pick this up when I get back from vacation at the end of October.


Nothing like an archer being able to take down a tank.


They've finally fixed that. They've made it mathematically impossible for ancient era units to destroy modern era stuff. Also, when you attack a unit, it might not necessarily die outright even if you win; you'll more likely just sorely weaken it.


I should probably get my Steam ID in the directory thread... I tried adding Tadir to my friend list, but he either didn't notice, didn't recognize me, or doesn't want me on his friends D:

My SN there is sweetidealism, too, but the login ID is the200x. So, look for me! I definitely want to throw down with everyone. :D

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I usually neglect my military in favor of cultural wins. In fact' date=' I don't think I've ever conquered the world through military. I always feel bad. I prefer cultures joining mine by choice.[/quote']


It's me, I'm the guy who plays Montezuma and Shaka all the time.


Culture is for wussies *rushes you in the ancient age with warriors*

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Well guess what, Germans seem to like not only bad ass rpg like Gothic - produced at first by a german team - they also tend to like simulations and therefore games like Civilisation, Anno - I believe the Anno series is a German product too - or strategic empire building games for the whole family - yes some of our families aren't lonely patchwork monsters - which of course aren't that complex in comparison, but our parents aren't up to date with technology to play LAN sometimes.


Yes, I have Catan!

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I just played the demo.....




I was getting really into it then... DEMO OVER.


Game feels like it fixed everything I loathed about Civ4, especially the combat. UI is SO easy and quick to use now.


Now I have to decide if I should pay $50 for a game I'll be shelving for awhile in a day. :oops:

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