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A month later...

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Tomorrow marks exactly one full month since going public now and I thought it would be a good idea to give a little analysis/update. This will hopefully help us keep pushing forward.


When we first went public, we had managed to first gather approximately 70 Rpers from Vanaâdiel beforehand. Since then, we have jumped up to 135 Rpers. That makes a total of 65 new role-players. Thus, weâve effectively doubled our numbers in a one month span. Recently, our numbers have dramatically slowed for the most part but theyâll likely rise again more rapidly closer to the gameâs launch. I also think launching the new RPC website (of which there are still zero donations toward) may help bring in some more Rpers under our umbrella since it gives us a reason to bump the older recruitment threads and put us front and center once again. Plus, aesthetics is actually quite important when it comes to recruitment efforts. Just remember: the more Rpers we gather together, the happier weâll all be since that translates to a lot more potential IC interactions.


Speaking of recruitment threadsâ¦there are still various fan sites out there not being utilized at all. Major ones include MMORPG.com and TenTonHammer. There are other smaller ones Iâm sure. If you have an active account anywhere else, please get word of us out there. Iâve kinda been yelled at already for creating an account on a smaller fan site and making my first post an ad for us. While I agree that itâs bad etiquette, itâs still kind of hard to get us well known if nobody is talking about us. You can even find ways to make mention of us on other gaming sites, such as at Aionâs RP coalition for instance (if youâre already an active forum participant there that is). Thereâs a FF14 thread there and that site is already jammed pack with Rpers to begin with, none of which have mentioned our existence in said thread.


Aside from the number of RPC members weâve gained, weâve also made other accomplishments. Weâve surpassed 1,000 messages on the forums. Weâve (almost) officially created a definition for RP. Weâve started the foundation of lore compilation in the Library. Weâve also started a monthly newsletter, the next of which will be out next week and much more legible this time around. And within the next month, weâll have our very first mini RPC event/competition hosted by the former RP community of Alexander (more info to come later).


In summary, weâve made a lot of headway in the past 30 days and itâs really exciting! But weâve still got several months to keep pushing ourselves a little bit more. Iâd like us to launch the new site by no later than May if possible. It's just a matter of getting the donations to get it running right now. We also need to continue keeping RP discussions as alive as possible outside of these forums until the RPC becomes a commonly known group amongst the FFXIV player base.


Other accomplishments Iâd like to see us make include boosting the statistics at the bottom of the forum main page: âmembers connected in the last 24 hoursâ could be higher I think, though I think we actually have more visitors than displayed. Itâs just that most donât bother logging in. âMost users ever online at onceâ is also pretty low for a coalition community. I've seen single RP shells get double to triple the amount for that particular statistic on their forums xD. Granted, the forums may end up moving and Iâm not sure if statistics transfer with everything else so it may be pointless to even try boosting those stats at this point in time.


So those are some of the improvements Iâd like to see us make in the next few months. That being said, weâre still on the right track and doing very well for ourselves at this stage. So thanks to all of you active members who are making this all possible, whether you do so by lurking and unknowingly boosting our forum statistics or whether youâre a frequent poster who constantly contributes to discussions of all sorts. Thereâs still much more planned in the coming months and things can only go up from here on out!


Edit: Yeah...don't worry about forum statistics right now. I just did some research regarding the forum transfer and the results aren't pretty >.>. More to come on that later.

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