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Parenting advices requiered!


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So, RP-wise, the good old Dralid decided to adopt a Miqo'te girl, about 6 years before the beginning of the game.

However, his parenting skills are rather... questionable! As are mine, to be honest.


Having not much experience around young children nor no great knowledge about the dilemmas of adoption, I am hesitating a bit on how to actually develop the situation.


Does anyone have a good idea on how to RP a plausible (and enjoyable!) relationship between a clumsy father and a energetic young child?

Any parents out there with some good advices?



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It's easy, just imagine the child to be the most precious thing on earth to you and be able to see a part of yourself in her.


Beyond that, it's really tough to explain the parent/child dynamic, cause most of it is natural instinct. It's one of those things that if you're not a parent, you can still have a pretty good idea. I don't know what it feels like to have my hand chopped off....but I have a pretty good idea. Once I actually became a parent, there was a whole new awareness over my eyes. It changed a part of me and I saw the world in a different way ever since.

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You love your child more then anything. More then you ever even thought possible. You go through whatever it takes to do your best for them (and sometimes it's pretty awful! my hands are blue atm because of an art project we did together today :P ) but at the end of the day when they cuddle up to you and smile it's worth it. Plus no matter what they do it's completely adorable... even if they're driving you nuts at the time!


One thing to note is just how much of your time a child can take up. When they need something, they need it now and you're the only person who can do the job. This means if they wake you up at 4am and you have plans at 8am, well, you just lost an extra few hours of sleep so they could watch Blue's Clues (most likely the same episode you've seen 400x's) with you. And you'll like it too... because otherwise you'll let them down that's not really an option.


Also, you'll never be more broke if you're a doting parent- even if you have tons money you'll spend it on making them happy. Why? - Because seeing them get all excited over something is the best feeling in the world. Even better then new things for yourself. I like getting fun stuff for myself, but I don't jump up and down when I get it, hug it, kiss it, and go to sleep with it tucked under my pillow xD


Parenting is tough and takes nearly everything you've got, but it's the best darn feeling in the world :)

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I thought it was a pretty accurate description!


As a cute story you could borrow if you want:


Yesterday I got mini blue berry muffins just for her breakfast and I ended up with toast and OJ. I gave her the muffins and she started nibbling each one. Then I put my toast and OJ on the coffee table and went to check the forums. Not more then 10 seconds later she throws her arms in the air (muffins go on the floor) screams "A toast!!" like it's a warcry and shoves it in her mouth before I could do anything. Then she drank my OJ... while I cleaned up smashed muffins.


She got into trouble, but I have to admit, she was so cute with the toast crammed into her little mouth it actually made me smile. Plus the only things she really says are Hi, Dad, Mom and "What is it?" so I felt a kinda proud she said a new word :lol:

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Thanks for the stories!


But as a parent, when there are tough decisions to make (i.e. going away for a while) that will have an effect for the child... how does the decision "weigh" on the mind after that? What kind of tension does a parent feel after a while?

I'm quite sorry if the question is a bit vague, I'm not really sure on how to phrase it..

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