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The Syndicate (Inactive)


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The Syndicate


Server: Besaid


Leaders/contacts: Old Nick, Ami Trubble


RP Style: Casual


Website/forum: http://betatester.co.uk


IC element: Primarily through trading and interacting with customers


Headquarters: None yet - often found around crafting guilds, if not gathering materials


Linkshell interactions: High degree of other linkshell interaction desired. Happy to cooperate with other crafting linkshells, and provide goods and fair prices to all customers.


Application criteria/process: Currently not actively recruiting, as we aim to stay small. If people are SERIOUSLY interested in crafting, contact Nick or Ami.


Rules: We aim to remain small and very informal. Our focus is on the theory of crafting, and its place within Eorzea.


Additional info: Most Linkshell chat will be OOC. Our interactions with others (buying, selling) will be IC whenever possible (i.e. not when interacting with non-RPer who doesn't with to participate). Our primary interest is in crafting. For us, crafting is not something that has to be done to get gear to go play the game. For us, going out and killing monsters is a distraction from being able to craft.

We do not seek to become fabulously rich by selling goods at highly inflated prices, but simply to support ourselves in order to continue our love of crafting.

Nick is located in the UK, Ami in the U.S., so we are available at most times.

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Hey there Amineri. I sent you a PM already but just in case you didn't get it (PMs aren't always going through for some reason...), I'll post here too.


Let me know when you have 3 or more members. I can then proceed to put you up on the RPC's main linkshell directory on the main site and grant the Syndicate Council status.


Second, I wanted to ask if you had any logos in mind for your group's main site linkshell directory? The logo should be 80 x 80 pixels. If you are unable to make one, I can easily put up the default image (though it's very bland and not creative) until you want to replace it.


Also, someone made a topic about the Syndicate over in the Pub if you haven't seen it yet. They seem curious about it so you may want to head over there and check it out!


Hope to hear back from you soon!



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