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Soulrift (Disbanded)


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Soulrift, the fun, friendly, RP-Light Linkshell!


Server: Besaid, of course!


Leaders/contacts: Telsia Twiceborn


RP Style: Light


Website/forum: None! No signups! No forms! No red tape! No Bureaucracy!


IC element: No specific in-character or rp-styles required (so long as they're fun and friendly)


Headquarters: Currently based in Ul'dah, but that's just a starting city.


Linkshell interactions: We play together: leves, killing random things, chatting, quests, crafting; whatever you want to do, you can do it with us!


Application criteria/process: Find Telsia! Ask for a Linkpearl! Click accept! Profit!


Rules: Be fun, be friendly. And preferably, use whole words and decent sentence structure.


Additional info: We welcome people who are looking for a 2nd or 3rd Linkshell, as well as those seeking their 1st. There is no exclusivity rule at Soulrift, nor any commitment requirements.

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