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Hello, hello!

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Hi everyone! I'm Wakalaka Wakala, or just Waka if you're overwhelmed by all the A's in my name :) I'm new to this forum, and only know of its existence due to stalking people I'm RPing with via the wiki. I've finally decided that, because I get so much use out of the wiki, I may as well make my own entry so other people can RP-stalk me too. And since I'm doing that there, I may as well introduce myself here, as well. So hi!


I've recently come back from a 4-5 month hiatus from the game, and started completely over with Waka on Balmung. Because my RL friends are involved in RP there, and I have extensive experience with RP in MMOs, forum games, and tabletop games, I figured I may as well get in on the action too. Due to RL's ability to ambush me at any time (I'm in grad school right now), I'm probably leaning more toward light to medium RP, with the possibility of getting more involved once I'm done with school (December! HOORAY). 


So, iffin you want some light, slightly manic RP with a fire-loving Lalafell, I'm your girl! If I'm not in the middle of something, I'd be happy to meet anyone :3

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Hi, i'm sort of new, i think i'm still new, as well. I hope you have fun. 


I'm personally up for any rp, and crazy lala's are adorable, just...just until they turn their crazy on you. >.<

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