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Hi Gilgamesh!

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Guest Hiroshu

Hello! I really like your character name. I've only been around here a few days myself, but there seems to be a very warm response to newcomers. Since you're new to RP (we've all been there) here's some encouraging advice to help you jump in:


My Shy Guide to Role Playing


Welcome to the forums and RP!

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Hi there!


Welcome to Gilgamesh, hope you enjoy your stay. There's always something going on at Ward 3 of The Goblet, there's a few RP FC's situated there, including our own at plot 14. Might find an RP FC you like and decide to join.


But er...there's 2 pirate ones right next to each other, if you want to pick one, clearly, we should be your priority choice. :P Sorry Lalah. ;) In seriousness, it's about who feels at home for you.


Most of us are pretty welcoming and relaxed and we love new people and are only crazy in the best sense.

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