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  1. Ahoy, What kind of times are you looking to run roleplay? We're an FC split between US and EU, so am usually conscious of timezone differences. I can think of a few FC members that may fit, if it works with times we tend to be active, I can see if anybody within my FC are interested.
  2. Saefinn

    Hullo all!

    Hello! Welcome to RPC and RP on FFXIV. If you're looking to get up and running with a group there are "Free Companies" and "Clubs" section for poking FC's and such. As you say, one of the best ways is to interact to see where it gets you, there are a number of open RP night run by the community, you'll find them on the calendar and there is a thread that lists weekly open RP events here. We're also open for recruitment ourselves, but of course worth shopping around to see if there's any right fits for you. We run our open RP nights on Tuesdays at 9pm UK time (GMT, or GMT+ 1 when DST does its thing). If it's a suitable time, by all means, swing by - we're generally quite a relaxed bunch and our numbers at the bar are variable, but we're usually good for nonsense. And if Saefinn misbehaves as he often does, you might even see him get shot! Anyhow, FFXIV has been a great game to RP in, so I hope you have a good time.
  3. “Breathe deep that sea air, dear sailor. You are in the presence of the Wayward Star, a group of honest vagabonds earning their fortune through slightly less than legal means, veiled by a flag of legitimacy. Aye, you’re in the presence of marines with black sails, dear sailor. Learn to love how the air feels on your lungs, learn to love the man who stands by your side, for he determines the difference between a dry head and a watery grave.” IC Introduction We're a legitimate catering business. We have a bar: we serve a whole plethora of drinks ranging from the finest Limsan ales to the controversial Garleans wines and some of our own custom brews to mix. Our Morbol Vodka and Alchemical Absinthe are but two popular choices our guests will order. Any new staff must be capable of making cocktails as the Captain only learned what one was recently. We serve excellently prepared food and have our own resident baker, Strawberry Charlotte who delights our guests with devilishly well-baked goods. We host a stage to perform excellent class acts, we occassionally have a travelling bard who sings such greats hits like "The Captain's Mast" and "Hannish Lady". This is all Maelstrom approved. Downstairs we have an exquisite chill-out lounge and study for guests who wish to be a little more relaxed and refined. And upstairs we have our clinic. Why do we have a clinic? What kind of bar needs a clinic? Huh? Well let me tell you. People get drunk, people have accidents, they could walk to a Maelstrom clinic, but why risk it? There's so many hazards between here and there, your average drunk will find it difficult to make it safely home. Such hazards as: falling down stairs, getting in a fight with a lamppost, a random Sahagin attack, urinating on an electrical eel and offending a sea witch. You see, we take care of our drunks. Oh right. We're legit now. Never mind. We're Black Sail Marines legitimised by the Maelstrom who started out life as Pirates. This the Maelstrom who have sought to make use of their pirate population and turn them into privateers. So we don't have to pretend, though we do have a bar...a chef...baker...a study...a lounge and clinic. So it's not really lying when you come to think of it... OOC Introduction Formerly "Pirates of a Wayward Star". We formed on Gilgamesh back when ARR was in BETA and later moved to Balmung where we've lived since. Our roots are in piracy, but as such is the way of character and story progression we have ceased to define ourselves as pirates, though lead by a pirate of a captain, we are now officially marines. We section ourselves out by three types of roleplay. Story, tavern and spontaneous. We run story night every Saturday, a bar night every Tuesday and spontaneous RP happens as it happens. We have a mix of European and US members, we used to have Aussie members but that's a hard one to accommodate for alongside Europe and US. Our active times are usually between 8pm and 12am UK time. Whilst people will do things outside of those times, if you're not able to be active during our core times you'll struggle to get involved. However, this does mean we are an EU friendly FC. As a group we're very relaxed, we're also open to collaborations with other FC's. There are a couple of areas we're tighter one: one is drama and the other is keeping IC as IC and OOC as OOC. Given the themes we cover, not all of our characters will be pleasant or necessarily take a liking to your character ICly, but OOCly it may be the complete opposite. But we do believe in fair and respectful roleplay and healty communication between people, so we don't tolerate grievances or trolling executed IC. If you're interesting contacting us, whether to collaborate or to join us, more information can be found on our website: we can also be contacted in game or on here. Our Roleplay Lead by Captain Saefinn Liljasson, his First Mate Laurenenne Tierney with her wife K'ahli K'ulha'tor and our trusted Maelstrom official Beldrem Cando we host a "marine" themed roleplay, which has organically grown out of piracy and the natural progression of the crew and our characters. We at times embrace off-the-wall plots but do our best remain respectful to the lore of the game. We're not lore Nazis, but like to keep it plausible, which means anything of the wall will need to be organic and not "just because". We embrace both down-to-earth and comical stories, sometimes the two meet. Open Bar Night, for more information, click here. Our story RP's run Saturday 9pm UK time. These are intended for FC members and associates and are not open to the public, however, if you are interested in a collaboration or coming along, please contact us. Why Marines? It would seem the next logical step when being legitimised by the Maelstrom would be to go from Pirate to Privateer or Corsair. We found that we ended up doing less sea-based RP, mainly due to how restricted that kind of roleplay is in FFXIV. Also where people's interests and stories have kept us inland; we still mix in pirate and sea RP. A "Marine" can be used to define troops on both land and sea, and in being legitimised by the Maelstrom, we can act as an armed force for them when the calling comes. It also appeals to the Captain's ego. Saefinn Liljasson fancies himself as "The Scholar Captain", and what was the role of a Nymian Scholar? That's right, to command marines: Our Leaders (OOC) Captain: Saefinn Liljasson First Mate: Beldrem Cando Council: Strawberry Charlotte, Shayith Lumisol, Thorceig Blaetahcsyn, K'ahli K'ulha'tor Media Website: www.wayward-marines.com Guilded: https://www.guilded.gg/waywardmarines/games/FinalFantasyXIV Housing Plot in Game: Mist Ward 6 Plot 1 Want to Join? Follow our link here. This will have a few questions to answer to help us with the recruitment process, it's not a strenuous process, but we go through a few things first. Once done, expect to be contacted by one of us, most likely Thorceig who is taking care of recruitment, both OOC and ICly. Be ready to handle a buff Roegadyn drill sergeant who is better than anyone at squats as he is tasked with taking care of new recruits! Our recruitment process was made on the principle of trying to find people we're a right fit for and who're a right fit for us. Our experience in the roleplay community is that so many of us have different approaches and attitudes when it comes to RP and they don't all work well together. Want to Collaborate? Give one of us a poke, we're happy to work with other Free Companies and RP groups, so we'd be happy to discuss any potential collaborations.
  4. The alternate method I prefer to Fantasia is glamours. Because we see reference to them within lore...plus avoids a certain number of issues. Saefinn got really drunk once, then woke up as a Lalafell and couldn't remember what happened...He was glamoured for a practical joke. So I got to play as a Lala for a few weeks. But if a person uses Fantasia, I won't make an issue of it.
  5. What I was going to do was take a character I didn't really have any inspiration for, Fantasia them and give them a name change and have them be a refugee who gets picked up by my crew, but actually didn't feel that would be that fun. Instead, I thought I would go another route, this character I have no inspiration for is a street urchin, who had left their home and decided to live life on the streets before being picked up by our FC's cook and she got fed, was given accommodation and became our chocobo keeper and is learning to become a thief (currently she's very amateurish with it). I thought what could make things interesting is to have had her as an Au Ra all along, but with an assumed identity and glamour, having her on the run. But now many Au Ra have migrated, she feels safer not using her glamour, seeing an Au Ra in Limsa would generally stand out, but now there's a few she feels safer - she bumped into a group of recent migrants in The Missing Member and got a little excited and that's kinda where she lost her glamour. Said migrants are now crewmates and have made a home. There's no friction ICly with these strange, foreign newcomers because Captain Saefinn has always had the attitude, "I don't care where you're from, what you background is, so long as we can keep each others back and not step out of line, then that's all that matters". In fact, he said something along those lines to an Au Ra last night. Then I thought about tying my Au Ra in with one of my other characters, but going down that road will present spoilers for my FC members.
  6. Playing the characters is by no means insulting, just how you play them. Just find it's a good policy to know your subject matter before tackling it. Else you could end up completely getting the wrong end of the stick, come off as patronising, insulting or just find you are misrepresenting something in general. I think when it comes to mental illness, it's easy to get wrong because there's a lot of misrepresentation and stigma and without first doing a some research (be it personal experience or looking it up), you run into the risk of doing it. But to go to the analogy of TV writers, generally good writers will know their subject, though arguably, they don't always. *cough* *cough* CSI. However, I am reminded of this sketch. [video=youtube] Of course, research is the safest way of getting things right. You'll of course play the way you choose, I of course would ask that you do not misrepresent things too grossly, chances are, if what you're doing is bothering me, I'll RP my way out or politely telling you. I don't bother about pissing and moaning, ain't my style.
  7. There will also be a number of us in this game who do suffer from mental illnesses and of course, we employ ourselves in a certain degree into our characters. I have a mental illness myself, but I am very private about it, it prolly comes out in some of my characters unintentionally. But I do agree with what people say about being research, the problem is, mental illness can become stigmatised in general and you bare the risk of bringing that stigma into how you play your character and then it may come off as offensive. Getting into the head of somebody who has a mental illness is very difficult and it is very difficult to see the world through their eyes - even though I suffer from one myself and am very compassionate and understanding of people and make the effort to learn and understand people, those with other mental illnesses, I still find it difficult to see the world through their eyes, even when I try. So I would say writing a character will mental issues becomes more of a sensitive thing when you yourself do not have it. But, if you are the empathetic sort who makes an effort to do it right, then not an issue. However, I would say, generally, people who have mental problems, that they wish to only be treated as equals and not be misunderstood. It is something I wish, hence I'm generally not that forthcoming about mine. So, if you don't respect people properly, you do run into as risk of pissing them off or even come off as patronising. I don't think playing a mental illness needed necessarily be a character flaw, but is something 3 dimensional that gives your character, well, their character. You can gain some positive traits that many not be typical of those who do not have it. If it is something that interests you, particularly, if you're interested in understanding what it is like, then do your research - if you can, maybe speak to somebody with experience. Like any good writer would. It's misrepresentation that's likely to get you flack, especially with stigma and how mental illness is generally misrepresented anyway. If you wish to have a mental illness because you think it gives your character an interesting character flaw and proceed to misunderstand what it means to be a sufferer, then you might get a roundhouse kick to the face.
  8. Heavensward has worked out quite convenient for us, for a number of reasons. For a long time, I have been trying to ICly negotiate business with Ishgardians, at an early stage, I saw potential profits for us in a nation in a war against dragons, they need supplies, we know how to get them. It has been a long time of trust building. Saefinn dreams of being the first Pirate Captain to have a deal with Ishgard since closing their gates. But the convenience doesn't halt there. Pirates...on airships, oh yes. Sky Pirates, we have a magitek engineer among us too, talking of ship parts. Oh, and what will we see for our dear Scholar Captain? Get a load of the Scholar AF in Heavensward, Steampunk, yes! And a perfect suit for Saefinn, if I dare say so myself. Events in 2.55 will help aid RP with my alt, X'hayu, the Sultansworn, she is likely to follow our crew into Ishgard and well, Dark Knight might be the appropriate next step, given the actual lore for it and given her general disposition and the current frame of mind she is in. I was originally going to keep her a Paladin (levelling Dark Knight on 2 characters is a PITA), but it may actually turn out to be a suitable fit for her - not necessarily an experiencing one, so I might not level her all the way straight away, let it build on her in a realistic time frame. From Paladin to Dark Knight, I know, Cecil wouldn't be pleased. In fact, the events in 2.55 will help with our advance to Ishgard, but will be interesting to see how the story pans out into Ishgard, but I can see us taking advantage of Ul'dah as well as things in Ishgard. We already exploit Ul'dah occasionally. Rich men, many a corrupt, so doesn't hurt the conscience if their pockets were a tad lighter. We like being criminals for a good cause, well, most of us, some just enjoy the ride.
  9. "Ah bloody 'ells, thought The Black forgot 'bout me a long time ago, oh, you're here to rescue me lad? Well, no offense mate, most try the opposite." Saefinn is pretty non-judgmental, he's had a pretty jaded past himself and he cares not much for the law or what's generally forbidden. He's dealt with Black Mages before, once as a foe (hence the comment about The Black) but has had then in his crew. They of course are few and far between and generally quite dangerous, but they likely find place on our crew because we're a very accepting crew, in that we don't care what your background is. Also, the law and anything generally 'forbidden' is of no consequence to us and of course, The Captain has an appreciation for magic. Non-mage types typically end up finding those of us who play with magic in less approved ways uncomfortable(Saefinn himself having experimented as well, given he calls himself The Scholar Captain). Sae's usual stance is, "trust me, I know what I'm doing", which might be met with "that Black Mage on our murdered a load of innocent people and is out of control", "that was before I knew what I was doing, he's cool now, we figured it out." Saefinn carries a Grimoire with a Voidsent bound to it, it was experimental, his argument is that urns are too fragile and Grimoires...well, would be interesting to see how it affects how I use aethyr. He doesn't use it that much or try to draw too much power, he doesn't know what'd happen, so although he is reckless, crazy and has a habit of finding trouble, he's not a complete moron. So, it'd be quite hard of him to be like "ewwwww Black Mage, begone heathen!"
  10. I was a little anxious because I've been to something like this before to find it not have a positive outcome - I was kinda aware of it last minute, I did bail out on some RP, but some members offered to help hold the fort and apparently it went really well, so good I can rely on my trusty crew. It is testament to the fact I should browse these forums more, but I am usually put off by forums for MMO's in general and generally don't post a lot in forums anymore anyway. Which is probably worrying, because I am moderator for a couple of forums out there. However, I am glad that I attended and sat through 2 hours of introductions . I was not aware of any issues in the community, but whatever they were, they didn't feel present and people wanted to get involved with each other, so that's a positive thing. Also, it was pretty well timed, because I had been talking about networking again with FC mates and a couple of people outside of the FC, so I've taken a few notes about which FC's I think are worth approaching for our style or RP and what we do ICly, heck, we've already established contact with the first FC we'd like to get involved with. Also, folk seemed in good spirits, I was worried that if I brought my sense of humour I might be viewed as not taking things seriously, whilst I was mostly quiet, it is good that our chocobo suits were not frowned upon. Or my dancing. But then, I actually knew /very/ few people there, so didn't know what to expect. And admittedly, we are an FC who has kind of isolated themselves, though we still manage to sustain a comfortably sized membership, however, when we have been a part of a community, it has been wonderful, so I would like to take this as an opportunity to do that. Of course, with anything, my members' needs will come first. But I am a respectful of people in general and encourage my members to be and try to recruit people on the same page in that respect. So I would say it was a good initiative, so let's make the good stuff follow through.
  11. I've only just seen this, we got a story arc thing planned at 4pm EST, but I will be there for the first hour, but Cassandria/Atamis is my First Mate, so there will still be representation from our FC (Wayward Star). I might be able to get away for longer, but I promised to support an FC mate's arc, so I won't let them down. But I have been talking recently about inter-FC stuff, as it is something we miss too, so I suspect we'll welcome relationships with other people. We're just a pretty relaxed and down-to-earth FC looking to have fun, so if people are wanting to work with such a group, then excellent - obviously not too many at once we'll drown. Just my requirement for working with other people is "no egos" and "no drama". I work off of mutual respect for and another. For clarity: Wayward Star's attendees: Saefinn Liljasson - Captain Cassandria Everfree - First Mate
  12. As the theme behind Captain Saefinn Liljasson is that he is "The Scholar Captain", he is very much in tune with the arcane, he is very skilled and increasingly powerful when it comes to magic and his is often a studied mind, despite being a raging alcoholic and times quite reckless, but he isn't stupid, he's just careless. Given I have ICly been negotiating an IC contract between our crew and Ishgardians, we have had some Coerthas contracts, ICly we've recognised that the Ishgardians often face a perilous existence at the hands of dragons and their friends. So our journey North and to the skies is going to prove very beneficial to us. Obviously the prospects of being sky pirates and the fact Scholar is getting a very Steampunk looking attire, this expansion is going to be almost perfect for us. But I figure in his studies, Astrologian will be the next logical step for Saefinn, as a pirate, he will already be familiar with the stars for navigation and of course, what kind of pirate doesn't like to play with cards? Given Astrologian seems to take inspiration from Corsair. I don't know how I will play the card aspect of it, I will see how the lore plays out here, would be interesting to be a gambler of fate as opposed to just a foreseer. Given there will be a level of power associated with the cards as they are the Astrologian's tools, I would hypothesize that this would work. Also, Saefinn would be liable to cheat and play cards to his favour. Given Saefinn can be unpredictable at times (though predictable in some aspects) this would be quite useful.
  13. I'd say do it how you feel works for you and your character. If they don't look right to you, then it won't work. Some artistic license is permissible given the limitation of the character creator. For my Garlean alt, I stick a pair of Garlond goggles on a Hyur and add the 'Garlean Third Eye' to any description of when he walks in and introduces himself. Likewise, if a character has an injury. I dunno if people would find it hard to believe an Au Ra character is actually a Padjal, but personally? It would work for me, because I don't just visualize a character just based on what I see on my screen, but if a person's descriptions are good enough, then that will contribute well to the image. I would say, you can break the boundaries of the character creator, but of course, once you start pushing too far out of the boundaries of lore, that's when people might get uncomfortable. Of course, this is within reason as well, "hey I've got a Roe, let's RP him as a Lalafell" I would say "buy a Fantasia you tight bastard".
  14. One of my alts, X'hayu, she is a Sultansworn, rather than a Free Paladin, originally I felt Free Paladin would make sense for her, but realised that she basically shares the same morality and principles as the Sultana, so she is somebody she'd get behind, she has previously been military, she is a Garlean defector who has worked hard and selflessly to attain that title, Sultansworn. So the military mentality sticks with her somewhat, so being among the sultansworn suits some of what she knows. I was umming and ahhing as to whether she should stay a Paladin or go Dark Knight, because she is very broody, moody and has little faith in people - she's done and seen some pretty dark stuff, but her title as a Paladin become a shining light for her, to do good and with a Sultana who believes she should help her people and with her giving refuge to Ala Mhigans and her wanting to give refuge to Domans, X'hayu backed the right horse. So to speak. But now, here's the spoiler stuff.
  15. People seem to think ERP is weird and then stigmatized people for it, but even RP itself is stigmatized, there's a number of people that find it odd or weird and even go to extent of trolling RPers, have you tried explaining RP to a normal person? It's an odd experience. So I would expect RPers to be a little more understanding or tolerant of their peers, after all , if we want people to be tolerant and unt derstanding of us, then we should first be able to do it ourselves. ERP comes in many forms and as long as all parties consent, it's their business and nobody else's. I run plot focused RP, so for me any kind of ERP would need to make sense IC, and people's characters in my group do fall in love, so if they sneak away and do the deed, makes perfect sense.
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