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New to this Forum i have some questions thank you :)

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While i'm new to this forum i will say that i have been playing the game since early January and i'm already level 50 as for what classes i am that is for another time. Currently i in the Chaos server playing on (Pheonix) and while i am already part of a good FC they are not a RP FC and i find myself lacking interest in the game as of late. It will be sad to leave my FC but in the long run i must do what makes me happy and make my subscription worth it. If i am to move to another server i would like to know what servers are more....RP friendly if that's not to much to ask. I am a fun friendly person just looking to get back into his old RP ways and i need a fresh start in a server that i can have fun and not worry about people "not" understanding what i say or mean when i RP etc. PS4 is my current form of access to ARR so when it comes to typing i have to use the controller so some responses may have a delay. I have heard good things about ths community and saw it as a ray of hope to increase the fun. Thank you for reading this and thank you for your answers.Sorry for any spell errors, i am writing this at 2:24 EST:D. Anything i left out will be posted at another time in a different area that fits thank you.



                                                                                                   Sena C.

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The RP servers are Balmung and Gilgamesh. Balmung seems to have a slightly larger community and I would personally recommend it, but you can surely find RP on either of them! And if you do end up on Balmung, feel free to apply to Harbingers of Dawn if you're seeking an RP FC. :)

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