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New here, new to FFXIV, but not new to RP!  Tons of experience in the RP realm to call on, even did my fair share with the Lost Boys in FFXI in Leviathan server.  Haven't got a character created yet as it appears Balmung is the RP hub and the server is locked out currently.  Does this ever go unlocked or is there a time I should try?  Will post a follow up once I am in game, thanks for reading.

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Hello and welcome~!


I think people can still get characters onto Balmung and Gilgamesh if they try during the right times of day.


I tend to wake up really early in the morning for work, so I've had no real problem making and placing an alt on Balmung in the weeeee hours of the morning.


I've heard similar things from other people; it just seems to take some trial and error, and some patience/persistence. I've also heard that immediately after maintenance is a good time to try. Just keep tinkering, you'll get it! :moogle:

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