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Limsa Lager House (Vylbrand Academy)8pm EST-10pm EST

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Have a rather tame evening planned when you'd rather be out mixing it up? Looking to expand your horizons, to meet new and exciting people in your community? Looking for a place to just get absolutely hammered? Well, the Limsa Lager House is the place to be!


Found right within the beautiful Vylbrand Academy grounds, the Limsa Lager House is your one-stop shop for good food, great drinks, and a diverse group of people to spend the evening with! Our establishment is a rather fine and cozy place where you can relax, get to meet new people, or simply relax after a hard day of work and adventure!


While the Limsa Lager House is found upon academy grounds, the locale isn't just for students and faculty! We are open to any and all clientele that wish to venture into our lovely abode. Please don't hesitate to stop on by where our staff and student body are happy to meet you and your guests, whether to satisfy your enterainment and refreshment needs or to simply enjoy the atmosphere.


The Limsa Lager house is open this Thursday night(6/19/2014)at 8 p.m. EST and can easily be found on the Vylbrand Academy campus located in the beautiful 3rd Ward of the Mist, right on Plot 2 (USH)! (We run this every two weeks.) Once inside, you really cannot miss the Limsa Lager House. Follow the smells and sounds or ask someone at the front desk!



Note: We've been getting things prepared and been doing trial runs on Thursday for awhile, but we decided to go ahead and officially post it publically since we're ready to launch this recurring event now. We'll be doing it every two weeks, since we have so many other RP events going on. Hope to see you all there!

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Well, even if there is RP events overlapping things happen, I don't think anyone should be upset but more happy to see plenty of events.. This wasn't something that was done a day ago. Dryce works very hard and Thursday's every other week is something we've been doing. We've been making sure we can handle capacity. This is the week we're doing it -- and then every two weeks as we've been doing for some time. The only difference, she don't use RPC so I'm posting it on her behalf.

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