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Looking for Mentor - Balmung


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Hey folks!


My name's Malfean, and I'm an experienced roleplayer but have never ventured into roleplaying through an MMO. I was wondering if there were any FCs recruiting newer roleplayers (so I don't utterly annoy folks!). I'm happy to learn, a quick study, and patient. 


A bit nervous about striking it out on my own, would be happy to hop on voice chat/skype/join a Free Company, etc. Let me know if there's any interest in helping a new face! I've been reading the RP Handbook and doing my best to brush up on FFXIV Lore.


If interested send me a message here or at: malfeanww@gmail.com (Here is probably best)



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Would most FCs not want to help a new person out? o.Oa


We have a couple of new people in our (very small) FC, and I'm always game for answering questions if I know the answer. My FC is more oriented toward roleplaying than PvE though, so I'm not sure if it would be what you're looking for, haha.


But I really think most FCs would be 'new player' friendly! We have a good community here, as far as I've seen. Maybe try looking at the Linkshell list and see if any concepts strike your fancy, then nudge them? (I say this since most Linkshells also have a corresponding FC.)


I hope I've been more helpful than not! I'm hurriedly typing this because I'm on my way out the door for work. :cactuar:

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