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Seeking Dubious Company


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I've been having a pretty good time pestering the locals of Ul'dah to buy my wares, but I feel like it's about time to move on to something more in-depth. I had previously intended to run with a PvE FC while roleplaying outside of the company, but I'm finding that I'm unable to keep up with the grind necessary to stay competitive with the group.


That being the case, I'm looking around for RP Free Companies and Linkshells. While I'd prefer something with a mercantile/criminal focus in Ul'dah, I am perfectly happy having this character get in over his head with a group with a completely different focus if they don't mind him trying to sell junk.


Contact me here, or in-game, or in messages, or through the chip implanted in my head by the government, as you see fit.

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Hey there! :D Harbingers of Dawn is a good-aligned, med-heavy RP FC dedicated to protecting and aiding the citizens of Eorzea. Obviously we're not something criminal or exactly mercantile, but perhaps we can work something out. We'd be happy to have you! You can learn more about us here and apply on our website if you're interested.

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