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Meghatron's Draws

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Meg, you are a part of that circle of artists that I've hung out with for years and have been insanely jealous of for your skills. There's that whole exchange rate where one of what you do is worth a thousand of what I do. It's good to see you drawing, and Kat has been too. We should totally arrange an art jam where you, Big D, and Kat make awesome art while I sit in the corner wearing a helmet and drool.

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I know you've seen knightlady before, Dogberry! I had to have shown it around, wot with learning a new trick (that I have since been to lazy to use) for coloring hair. I don't post up my art much anymore since 99% of it is in a perpetual state of 'not done yet, maybe someday', but it's good to know Kat's still drawing! Sweetie hasn't been putting pencil to paper much as of late, but maybe an artjam would help him! You can laugh at our unintentional marker fume high.

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