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Maid Cafe! *NOW HIRING!*

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That's right, you heard me! It's maid cafe time! Bust out your animu side! Your tsundere and kuudere! Your moe and your kawaii! Your lolis and your shotas! Whatever other things you weeaboos do these days!


*cough* Ahem, but really. To make further use of the little tavern/cafe in our basement, Harbingers of Dawn <> will be sponsoring a maid cafe event every Tuesday evening from 3:30 PM - 5:30 PM eastern time! We'll need some employees to make this happen, so please let me know if you're interested! If you're going to be an employee, you need to be generally available at this time and let me know if/when you won't be there.


Hosts - You greet guests at the door and show them down to the basement. Ensure the event is running smoothly. That's about it! Character needs formal attire.


Maids - Naturally! You pretty much fill the role of a server, wait tables, make small talk with the guests and keep them entertained, be polite and friendly, greet patrons as Master and Mistress and bow. Formal attire required, Valentione's chest piece preferred. Male characters can also fill the role. Points for being cutesy!


Bouncers - Could also double with the host role, but simply lurk around and make sure no one gets handsy with our maids or is up to anything nefarious! Ensure characters leave their weapons at the door. Character needs formal attire. Points for being big and intimidating looking!


Chefs - Looking for a character who can cook not only IC but OOC as well! Level 50 CUL preferred but not required, just have it leveled enough to make a decent selection of food. I can provide you with the supplies for crafting.


Please private message me if you're interested in being an employee. Employees must be reliable and online/on time/not afk for their "shift," must be a high enough level or otherwise able to easily reach The Mist, and must have formal attire in the colors red, white, and/or black. Must also have a linkshell channel free as I will likely be making a linkshell to coordinate this event smoothly. Positions are limited and please understand our company members get first dibs.

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