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RPC Update: September, 2010


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You can find this month's update here on the main site: http://www.ffxiv-roleplayers.com/news. Since I can no longer send out mass emails due to our numbers, I'll post the content below as well.



This is the final monthly update from the RPC. Future news releases, if any, will likely come every 3 months now.


Unofficial RP Server:

As already announced everywhere, the RPC has named Besaid as the unofficial RP server! The server will house upwards of 700+ role-players and at least 16 RP linkshells. While other RP groups will certainly form on other servers, there's no doubt that the vast majority of role-players will be on Besaid. This selection process was one of the primary reasons for the RPC's original formation and we should be proud to have successfully united for this cause. This selection has been recognized by just about every FF14 community, large and small alike, thus further validating it. We've even been noticed by Sage Sundi of Square Enix. Congratulations on our new home!


800 Members!:

Can you believe it was only last month that we announced the 400 member mark? We've since doubled in less than 30 days to an amazing 800! Things have certainly been busy and hectic as a result. This number will likely be smaller after the first month once you factor in those who quit the game, but the numbers are still phenomenal nonetheless.


Forum Changes:

Various changes have been made to the forums. The Workshop has been added, housing sub forums for various present and future RPC projects. The Town Square now houses a new subsection, the Courtyard. This is for storyline discussion, character development questions, and for finding people to fill particular roles in a storyline. The Bulletin Board has been unlocked and various RP events have already been advertised here. Finally, the Lounge has been split into two sections: Lounge and Game Room. The Game Room is specifically for FFXIV discussions. Future additions include a Bazaar section for easier shopping. The Archives and Library will be removed upon completion of the wiki.


RPC Changes:

Some changes have been made within the RPC. Most notably is our classification system for RP linkshells. Light and Casual have been merged into a single category (keeping the name "Casual"). Some minor changes have also been made to the registration template for new RP shells in the Guild Hall in order to better emphasize Charter criteria for new groups. Also, a new RPC admin will hopefully soon be added so keep your eyes open for that!


Tonberry's Lantern:

The Tonberry's Lantern is under construction! This will be the new IC newspaper published by the RPC. Its original placeholder name was "Eorzean Tribune." If you have any questions or wish to contribute in any way, please contact Tadir on the forums or Tadir West in game. The first issue will hopefully be ready within a month's time. You may find the teaser here:http://www.ffxiv-roleplayers.com/lantern .


Lore Section:

The RPC's wiki is almost finally ready. This will house all lore related information currently in our Library section. It will also house all present and future character profiles, artifact profiles, and other RP related needs. The addition of the wiki will bring about the nuking of both the Archives and Library sections of the forums. As such, the scholar group will also likely be disbanded. A link to the wiki will be provided in the Lore section of the main site as well as in the Workshop section of the forums.


The Tonberry's Lantern has also been added to the Lore section.


Links Section:

Various new helpful links to other communities, databases, and Square Enix's Lodestone site have been added under our site's Links section.



We've been slacking greatly in creating RP guides for our etiquette section. We should have had more topics up than what we presently have. Remember that etiquette topics are not rules and nobody has to follow them if it's not their thing. Etiquette is meant to be nothing more than guides to various RP related topics for new role-players. As per the RPC Charter, we are meant to be a resource for these kinds of things. Feel free to start up formal discussions on other RP topics.


Social Media:

The RPC is now on Facebook (again) as well as Twitter. Our last Facebook page was forcefully taken down by Facebook for some reason or another. With the NDA gone, we should be in the clear now though. If you're not a forum type of person, our social media people will try to keep the major updates posted on both Facebook and Twitter. Links to both of these accounts can be accessed on the RPC's main site, at the very bottom of any page (or via the sticky in the Headlines section of the forums).


RPC and the Future:

With the game now live, you may be wondering what the future holds for the RPC. Aside from the Tonberry's Lantern and other random RP events, we've got other really neat things in store. The Epic is one such goody. This is basically a large-scale storyline that will encompass the entire server. Not only will freelancers and linkshells be able to RP it by themselves, but there will also be RPC hosted quests every now and then to advance the storyline to an exciting conclusion! The RPC Council will begin initial planning for it probably in about 2-3 months. It'll hopefully be an annual event if successful. It will take a tremendous amount of time and planning before it goes live so look forward to a future announcement.


Another major event will be the Eorzean Olympics. Also planned and coordinated by the RPC Council, this will occur once every year. Much like the Olympics in the real world, we'll see tons of different sporting events ranging from races to monster slaying to crafting contests and so much more! The event will likely last a grand total of 3 weeks and have various scheduled competitions. More info will come at a later point in time.

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