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Help with the winged she-devil (aka Garuda)

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Thanks so much to FreelanceWizard for helping me on the run!


I've been a stalemate in FFXIV for about two or three weeks now. The problem is, as mentioned in the title, "the winged she-devil," aka Garuda. I've tried so, so many times to beat her and every single time, I would get to the very beginning of the second phase until eventually my group wipes so many times we just call it quits. I'm not in a FC, nor do I have any friends I could ask for help, so it's always been a pick-up group I've been running with. Clearly that hasn't been working, so I come to you guys for help. Although I've run her trial numerous times, I'm still a bit clunky with my movements and attacks so please bear with me. I'm also not in a very ideal place to play with a mouse and keyboard (currently, I'm lying in bed with my laptop using a hard-cover notebook as a mouse pad). If you'd like/are willing to help, you can either reply to this thread or send me a Tell in-game. I'm Brennus Ackerman, Dragoon/DPS, on the Balmung server.

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