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[RESOLVED] One of the big kids! (or, "I made level 50!! (sort of...)")

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Guys I'm one level away from fifty this is really really exciting for me will someone run a/some dungeon(s) with me??


My main character, Brennus, is a level and a half away from 50. I'm kind of really excited about it because this is my first time leveling a character to 50 in any class/job. I was thinking I could run some dungeons with some people since I'm not really eager to grind leves. I was thinking either Cutter's Cry, Stone Vigil, or maybe The Aurum Vale (preferably one of the former two...). If you'd like to join me, reply to this thread or send me a Tell in-game at Brennus Ackerman (or Nishiki Nishio, a character I just created and am currently playing. I'll log on to Brennus if you happen to message me) on the Balmung server.


PS: I've never done Aurum Vale before, so please bear with me.


PSS: I'm a Dragoon DPS.

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Feel free to give me a poke. :) Being a masochist, I actually like AV, and one of the people in my FC wants to run it a few times to get the neat feathered hat out of there.


Hey there! I'm on right now, and I will be for a few hours probably, so I'm ready whenever you are if you'd still like to run AV.

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I'd be down to help you out. I'm pretty free the next few days.


Ahh, that'd be great, but I was sorta thinking like. Right now. Or sometime tonight I guess (or this morning I guess it's almost 2:30 am laughs weakly). I guess I probably should've mentioned that. I'm also guessing that probably isn't going to work for you. Or does it? Because if it does, that'd be totally sweet.

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I'm still up, I could do a dungeon.


Oh, sweet! I'll log on right now! Is Aurum Vale alright? I've never done it before though, but it's the highest level dungeon I have unlocked right now, so I'm kind of assuming it'd be the best choice in terms of EXP yield.

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Heyo! So, I'm literally 269,889 away from level 50 so I was wondering if there were any folks who are still up who want to run Aurum Vale with me! I'm lurking outside the Quicksand by Akpallu Falls right now if you wanna meet up. Otherwise you can just send me a /tell at Brennus Ackerman!

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Sorry for bumping this thread so much, but this'll be the last post! Just wanted to give an update that I'm all set for dungeon running! Unfortunately, even after running AV again, I'm still not at level 50...but I only have 9080 more exp to go! (You can't fathom how livid I was when I didn't hit 50 after the final boss. It's not really that big of a deal, but I was just so pumped, y'know?)


Anyways, big, BIG thanks to Ragnar for running AV with me! And sorry to Silver Mountain that I couldn't run with them, but maybe we can do some endgame stuff (:

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