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Forum rejiggering

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Taking into consideration the results and discussions on two polls on our Off Topic forum, as well as my own ideas for the direction of the site, I've implemented three changes to the forums.


  • The Leaders' Roundtable forum has been eliminated. It was basically dead and FC/LS leaders are largely coordinating outside of these forums or via PMs anyway.
  • A new Character Development forum has been created for character design tools and prompts. I've moved most of those prompts that I could find in RP Discussion over to this forum. Use this forum to post or respond to threads that can help develop characters; the existing threads should serve as a guide for what should go in there. EDIT: If you know of a thread that should be moved here, toss me or any mod a PM with the link and I'll move it over.
  • A new Making Connections forum has been created with a "thread prefix" option that should make it easier for people to find requests for RP on various servers. Currently, posts can be tagged for Balmung, Gilgamesh, Other, or any (by not specifying a prefix). If there's enough demand, I may add other servers. Use this forum for "looking for RP" posts. EDIT: Because of the new prefix feature, I won't be moving existing connection requests from RP Discussion to this forum at this time. I will move new requests, however.

Per the results of the poll, the Balmung and Gilgamesh Events and Directory forums will remain separate.


Hopefully these changes will help people find posts of interest to them more quickly. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly or post in the Off Topic forum.


The next phase will be some adjustments to the wiki and clarifications on policy and licensing. Stay tuned. :)

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Thank you!


Since I have the opportunity to say this though, and I apologise if this is neither the time nor place, would you consider amending topic links to take the viewer to the last page they viewed if they have read it before? Assuming it is possible of course. Its not that big of a deal and perhaps people like being sent to the first page each time but I just thought I'd ask since it's a personal preference of mine.


Sorry to make such a request and thank you again for all of your hard work!

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