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New to Balmung!


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Hiya everyone!


I'm Miza and am new to the RP scene on Balmung.  I love to write and (attempt) to draw in my free time. I also of course love video games. I healed my real-life friends for a bit as a White Mage on Jenova, but they eventually lost interest in the endgame stuff. So, I decided to start fresh on Balmung!


I started roleplaying with forum RP way back when the Nintendo Nsider RP forum was a thing. When that closed, I took my RP to other forums for various fansites and communities. My first time RPing in a video game was in WoW, but I didn't really get into it then. I guess it wasn't until GW2 came out that I finally started trying to get into more serious RP. I spent almost 2 years RPing in Tyria before I felt the need to finally move on. And that's the abridged version of how I ended up in FFXIV!


A little about my character. Her name is I'mimiza Fhey and she is a Miqo'te marauder/warrior. She is still pretty low level since I just got on Balmung yesterday. I'mimiza committed many acts of vandalism and theft in Limsa Lominsa before the Calamity. Eventually she was caught but due to her relative young age at the time as well as her skills with an axe she had displayed, it was arranged that she would pay off her debt to society by being drafted into the Knights of the Barracuda. At the time of ARR, I'mimiza has left the Knights and is now a traveling adventurer looking for her place in Eorzea.


Thanks for reading. I can't wait to get into some RP with the community and I look forward to getting to know all of you! :D

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...oh lord, NSider. I was one of the Legend of Zelda timeline fanatics. God help you if you ever said the word "split" in front of me.


A fellow former Lominsan criminal! Woot! Welcome to Balmung! :moogle:

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Forum arpeeee. Delicious.


If you want your character to have known mine before yours left within the past 9-ish years or so (mine remains a criminal-type in Limsa) I'd love to collab! :D Huzzah for Limsa!


Welcome to the RPC, and to the rp side of FFXIV.

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