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This is the new version of the previous Balmung Roleplaying Areas thread, since I suspect many of the FCs represented there no longer exist. I'll keep this thread updated as much as possible. :) If anyone from Gilgamesh would like to make one for that server, I'll be happy to sticky it and help keep it up to date.


Per the original post:

"Due to several people posting about how they can't find RP on their server and they just don't know where to go, I hope that this can be of some help. What I implore you existing RP groups, Linkshells, and Free Companies of Balmung to do, is please post an area where you frequently meet up and might be available for walk-up RP as well as what your group does, if applicable. If there are set times that your group's activity is highest, you can add those too. Also, if you know of a place where you see roleplay regularly, feel free to add that area as well. Try to be as specific as possible.


"If you have a really secretive group of some sort that doesn't take kindly to strangers walking up to you, please don't post your secret hide out. It's kinda... counter productive..."

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