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Soldier for Hire [Flyer]


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Within the town squares of Gridania, Limsa Lominsa, and Ul'dah are copies of the same flyer. These same flyers can also be seen in various locations of these cities such as the market board or along the sides of shops and buildings:



[align=center]Soldier for Hire[/align]


In need of an extra sword arm? Is there a particular criminal on the loose that you wish brought to justice? Are you afraid that someone might try to steal your belongings, or do you simply wish for one to toil the fields while you go about your daily duties?



Soldier, kind in heart and noble in virtue, willing to help in all matters no matter how trivial. Five years experience of being out on his own.



Will NOT assist in anything considered morally reprehensible or unjust.



Contact Cyrus Mulano for inquiries.



( If anyone wishes to hire Cyrus or get in contact with me, feel free to do so via the RPC or in game on Val Nunh or Cyrus. Thank you for your time! )

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