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I keep seeing these threads pop up and realized I have never properly introduced myself even though I've been here off and on since last November.


My real name is Jordan, although some call me Chelle (my middle name is Michelle), or Jojo. Anything will do really, I'm pretty flexible.


I'm a concept art major (you can find my work in the Artisan section :D) from Fort Worth, Texas and have been an avid RPer since I was around 8 years old (turning 27 in November!). I started RPing in AIM chatrooms as various things from different fandoms of mine, ended up playing Furcadia, and then eventually started playing WoW in 2006. I recently quit WoW due to the community becoming far too toxic for my liking and found this community to be a million times more welcoming and understanding. You guys are real! It's fantastic.


I'm also engaged to my best friend whom I met on WoW back in 2008. We've been engaged since 2009. We have no children, but we do have a fur-child in the form of a White German Shepherd named Kira. My fiance also plays FFXIV with me as well and I hope we both get to know more of you through the community. 


You will find that I'm a very extroverted individual and am interested in just about anything. That happens when your family does something as weird as breeding alpacas...Kind of hard to explain at times and you have to be a little quirky to put up with them!




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Nice to meet you!


Is breeding alpacas really all that weird?


Granted the only reason I know about Alpacas are because of Harvest Moon and stuff..


... stuffed Alpacas are cute ok? ; ;


It's funny, actually. When I tell people my family raises them, I usually get "That's really weird" or "...What's an alpaca?". Most people think they're related to emus or something :3.


Aside from that, it's often considered weird in Texas since we usually only raise sheep, cattle, and horses.

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