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Anyone have mining materials to sell? Looking for some RP with someone like that

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Alright this is a combo post.


One Im hoping there are miners on here because I have a...steady need for lots of gold ore. And darksteel as well actually. Obviously I will pay the market board price for the mats and I need them from anyone who is selling. Im not hoping for some sort of discount because me and you RP.


However Im not making this post just to say "Sell me gold pls". Im hoping to associate in my RP a little with a supplier. Otto run's businesses. One of those is making jewelry. I think it could be fun potentially to chat with miners/suppliers maybe Im wrong. Im pretty new and raw to RP so if this is an innapropriate thread or a stupid idea just tell me plainly I wont be mad.


Not sure what else to say will leave it at this for now and edit is ideas come to mind writing from work anyways X_X


Thanks for taking the time to read

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