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Sorta, kinda, wanna draw right now.


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Feeling artsy at the moment, I don't do digital junk but I like to consider myself a /decent/ sketch person. So if you want me to draw something or someone in that's related to your RP feel free to post and I'll try to do it. It would be like really, really helpful if you could post a reference picture of whatever you'd like me to draw. And also chances are this won't be a permanent thing, as in I'll most likely do a few drawings today and forget about it.


I'll just put a few examples of junk I do.









Junk that I did for this thread.





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OwO I love pencil sketches! Do you have any more to show?


Take your pick! :love:





Draw them however you like.


SO! I looked through that Album and saw you already had a couple of fan-arts for that dude and I figured they're all better than anything I can do. So instead of giving you what you asked I'll give you a freaking Dancing Goobbue!


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