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Best Drunken Line?

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I'm curious, what is the best thing any of your characters have said while drunk or in a dazed state?


My personal favorite: "What is that supposed to mean?! Are you calling me a disappointment?! I'll show you a disappointment! ... W-Wait... That's not what I meant..." - Nordin Reecendo -

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It's not terribly and one liner, and Zach wasn't drunk at the time but I believe it fits as he seems to be making a fool of himself. As per usual. D:



Zachree Rowlaux comes stumbling into the quicksand, bumping it railings and having trouble with stairs. His hair is more disheveled than usual. 


Smacking his lips together he goes towards the table with the people he can recognize, bumping into a potted plant along the way.


Dubah Aodh laughs.


Zachree Rowlaux: "Excuse me... plant."


Dubah Aodh: "I should join you more often then."


Z'annos Nuhn: "By the twelve... Zach. You are half naked."


Zachree Rowlaux crawls up into the chair and grabs the fork and knife at the place setting, one in each hand and thumps them against the table, barely able to keep his eyes open.


Zachree Rowlaux: "The shirt was too complicated."


Z'annos Nuhn sighs. "You're a lost cause."

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