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Kylin Felstar, et all

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I. Basic Info


  • Characters: Kylin Felstar
  • Primary characters: Kylin Felstar
  • Linkshells: Order of Stormguard
  • Primary RP linkshell: Order of Stormguard


II. RP Style


  • Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): Heavy (IC as often as possible)
  • Views on RP combat and injuries: I prefer to be somewhat close OOC’ly to the other combatant in order to better understand one another and not worry so much about hurt feelings or god mode accusations. Sometimes the details are worked out with the other individual in advance, sometimes they aren't.
    I do not usually utilize /randoming systems unless in a group setting that requires it.  I respect others who choose to, but please don't expect me to respond to actions with dice rolls. I prefer RP combat to be more organic and based on a combination of skills/levels and character background. A character trained in knighthood will usually overpower a bookworm in physical combat whereas the bookworm would likely win out in magical combat. Likewise, I have a hard time believing a level 1 alt could easily overpower a level 50 character unless sneaky tactics were used (poisoning your drink, sneaking up on you, etc) or unless it's a major story villain.
    As for injuries, I will absolutely not lose any limbs or be perma-killed without my prior consent. Being hospitalized from severe injuries, comatose, and so on are acceptable though if worked out in advance.
  • Views on IC romance: I’m okay with romance to an extent. I’m not a big fan of the couples that tend to RP exclusively together and ignore the rest of the community. Thus if I am involved in any romantic RP, don’t expect to see me spending all in game time with the romantic partner (though I'll certainly spend a decent chunk of time with him/her). Also keep in mind that any romantic relationship I'm involved in is strictly IC and in no way reflects my OOC feelings toward said individual. As to how far I’m willing to go: I have never and possibly never will be involved in any overly erotic RP (and if so, it will be 100% private). While I don’t mind my characters having sexual relationships, I prefer the fade to black concept when it goes that far. The furthest I would go would be kissing, some groping, and undressing (none of this in any public chat of course). After that, it would likely go to fade to black. Also note that my main character does swing both ways, and as such may 'flirt' with male or female. Again, this is strictly IC but if it makes one feel uncomfortable, please don't hesitate to say as such.
  • Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc): Family for my primary character is mostly set in stone at this point. The only openings left are probably that of a cousin and /maybe/ another sibling (Ky's dad has had a number of flings). I'm hesitant to have any more siblings though and will only do so under the perfect circumstances. Do not just throw yourself into my family tree somehow though. Please contact me in advance. I’m also extremely open to other non-romantic relationships (rivalries, business partners, etc), though I prefer most non-family stuff to evolve naturally.
    As my primary character belongs to a wealthy house, there are still plenty of opportunities for people to tie in their characters to House Felstar if they so wished to. Full-time guards, a cook, a miner working for the excavation team, a museum worker, and so on are all possibilities.
  • Views on lore: I tend not to stray too far from established lore. I’m mostly a by the book type of role-player. While I don’t mind deviating a bit here and there, it has to be at least believable for the setting it takes place in. Royal heirs, aliens, and extreme things like that are a definite no-no in my book. Creating a fictitious building in a city, an organization, or even small societies are perfectly fine with me though so long as it doesn't go against the lore. That said, I'm not opposed to the supernatural (spirits, demons, etc) so long as it's done tastefully. I strongly believe in creative freedom in the world provided to us.
  • Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc): I prefer it when linkshell chat is strictly reserved for IC (in RP shells). Casual OOC chat over the linkshell channel of a RP specific group has always annoyed me to no end since I am a very heavy RPer. I also prefer to remain IC as much as possible at events with other Rpers, though I’m significantly more open to OOC commentary during such events as long as it doesn’t keep interrupting an important scene. Tells are almost always strictly OOC for me. The only time I use it to talk IC'ly to someone is if there's an explanation for talking in that channel (being right next to me and whispering in my ear, etc). Otherwise, talking into my mind usually doesn't make enough sense to me to be very accepting. /say and /party chat modes vary depending on who I'm with, though /say is certainly IC more often than not. Party chat is /usually/ OOC unless there's a private scene going on.
    I'm also a 'quick RPer.' By that I mean, I prefer fast-paced back and forth RP. I have nothing against those who like paragraph RP and like being super descriptive. But it's not my style, and I -do- get slightly annoyed by it when I see it in game (though I'll never say anything about it aside from right here or unless asked directly xD). I feel it takes up too much time in a live environment and can cause RP exhaustion for others before the scene is allowed to fully play itself out to its max potential. I believe responses should generally come within 30-45 seconds of each other (barring circumstances like bloated chat logs, afking, or other distractions). My IC chat will be quick, precise, and only focus on what others around me can potentially perceive (no thoughts or super descriptive emotes).


III. Other Info

  • Country: United States
  • Timezone: Eastern Time
  • Contact info:
    Email-- [email protected]
    Discord -- Kylin#7037
    In game tells should be sent to Kylin Felstar. If I'm playing another character, I usually don't want to be overly disturbed unless it's specifically for RP.


~Special announcements can be found in the posts below~

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  • 9 months later...

Did a much needed update to this after nearly a year of not touching it xD. Mostly just updated Basic Info, views on non-romantic relationships, and views on chat functions. Please note that all these views are my own and do not represent any other person's at all~


Also added skype info and an important note at the end that I wanted to emphasize. Made the note because I had some issues with this in 1.0. Basically, if I'm on a character other than my main (Kylin), I don't want to be disturbed with tells and the like unless it's specifically "hey, wanna RP?" or "hey, want to do this dungeon?" It's mostly a personal mood thing and I use my alts as a means to 'get away' from it all. So hopefully everyone will be able to respect that ^^; So yeah, alts are RP/progression onry please. Don't want to hear about what X person said or the latest drama while on them~

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Special announcement: Please note that Kylin is currently going away for several months due to recent IC developments. I will not be playing him much at all as a result. Should anyone wish to contact me, please look for either Elza Ashfen or Zarik Sylvora, as those will be my primary characters for some time now. Thanks~

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Update: Elza Ashfen is no longer an active character of mine after her grand finale event last night that led to her final exit from Eorzea in a typical dramatic Felstar fashion. A Tonberry Lantern article will likely be coming in the next few days to explain the situation ICly.


Should anyone have Elza on their friend list or whatnot, please note that I will not be on her any longer, save shuffling items. Please friend Kylin Felstar or Zarik Sylvora to keep in touch~

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As I've recently written out one of my primary characters, I can now more easily devote time to my other two (Kylin and Zarik). Zarik's focus point was originally meant to be around his older brother. However, the player who took on that role has been consistently unable to devote any time to such and quit the game entirely about a month or two ago, leaving me and the character pretty high and dry.


Thus, I come here to begin my search for someone else to take on the role. This makes me extremely worrisome, as I'm very hesitant to pick up someone for the role who I don't even know. As such, I doubt it'll be an immediate decision. The following criteria are what I'm looking for:


--Character must be a miqo'te male seeker, older than 17 years of age. Preferably a primary character over an alt (primary meaning in this sense a character who gets a lot of IC and OOC attention from the player rather than a simple alt that shows up once every couple weeks or so).


--Player must be active in game on a regular basis, and also active with RPing in general. My personal definition of 'active' in this sense is logging into the game at least 3-4 times a week for durations of over one hour each session (and willing to focus on RP and not just dungeons/raids during that logged in time). Obviously, real life circumstances may impede on this every once and awhile, but if it's ALWAYS impeding on this type of schedule, it could be a problem. It was the primary issue with the previous player who played the role. On this same notion, hopefully the player is content with FFXIV and likes the general direction its going (as I'm super worried the new player will quit after awhile too and once again screw me over xD).


--Player must be willing to join Crystalline RP shell (Balmung), as that's where Zarik has been/will be situated. In turn, I can also have Zarik join whatever RP shell the brother character is in. This is all stuff that would be worked out in advance obviously.


--Myself and player must have some degree of chemistry, and the sibling characters must as well obviously. This will be tested in a couple of preliminary RP sessions as schedules allow.


--The older brother miqo'te character is free to have whatever current background he currently has (though will obviously have to be open to tweaking who the mother/father of the character is). As it's too late for me to retcon the previous sibling entirely, the new siblings' relationship will be revealed in a side story of some sort rather than having always existed. By that, I mean that Zarik and older miqo'te do not know they're brothers yet and it will be revealed via some sort of RP worked out between the two of us.


If this is something someone thinks they'd be interested in, please let me know in some manner or another. I have to stress again though that I'm super hesitant to seek for someone like this, as I've been burned so many times now in this department. So please be patient with me and don't take offense if I think we wouldn't be a good sibling match. I'd like to test the waters with the character and player in game a bit before making any final decisions.


Zarik's wiki profile: http://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/wiki/index.php?title=Zarik_Sylvora

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