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Crimson Phoenix Open House (Balmung)

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:tonberry:  Crimson Phoenix Open House :tonberry:



July 10th 2014

7pm Central (gmt -5) until 9pm (or whenever)

The Mist Ward 5 Lot 26






 Crimson Phoenix is hosting an open house.  Bring your friends, bring your family, bring your chocobo, and even bring that weird guy in the guild that only bring ice to a party!  There will be an open bar, prizes, and general foolery.  Help support a needy tonberry - It's a great cause.




Peacock around with your amazing glamour.  Chat it up with the locals.  Have a dip in the hot tub.  Don't forget to tip your waitress!  Prepare yourself for the time of your ....Oooh shiney!  Did we mention OPEN BAR??






Personally I prefer a nice quiet evening at home curled up with a good book and a..... L A M E!!!  Get your arse over to the MIST!  This event is guaranteed to make you cooler, sexier, stronger and able to mine fish!  Save a Lalafell! Collect the whole set!  You'll be glad you came! Hope to see you there.





Disclaimer: Crimson Phoenix can not be held responsible for personal injury or any other legal ramifications.  Some restrictions apply, see store for details.  Use only as directed and if entertainment lasts more then six hours, please consult a white mage.

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