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Looking for Roles to Fill

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Hello all,


This is my second hello. 


But more to the point, I would like to find a role to play; particularly something needed and interesting. Need a brother, sister, childhood friend--anything at all? 


Throw them at me. I'm willing to play male or female, but would prefer to play Hyur. I'm willing to switch over to Elezen, if necessary. 


I'm willing to do darker plots, romance (drama and angst, yes please), action, adventure, etc. etc. I'm willing to play out LGBT couples. Though, I advise, that I would prefer romance not be the main idea behind the plots. I would love something epic with multiple characters involved. 


I am willing to go to any server, as I would be creating someone new for this role. I'm willing to have the same last name for purposes of family, etc. 


So... well, let me have them. Have some ideas? Throw them at me. I'm game.

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I'm actually running/about to run a fairly large rp event called Blood on the Sand under Balmung event thread starting this Saturday, though technically its already begun, and the bad guy side is in need of additional man power since the heroes side outnumbers the antagonists  . Lol. If you would be interesested in participating as a bad guy, I'd be happy to work a way for your character to be involved.

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Bad timing for me, cause I'm gonna be away on vacation a week starting tomorrow, but I do have an alt with a still living family (currently unnamed).


She's 16, her name is Emelin Locke and she comes from a wealthy merchant family with a caravan traveling to the different city-states. She ended up running away from home to pursue dreams of becoming an adventurer and is currently wandering around Ul'dah, rather lost, and trying to learn thaumaturgy. But she's very young, naive, sheltered and tends to look at things as if they're a story, so she's a bit disconnected from reality.


So, if you were interested, it could be fun to have her mother or father or I could even be cool with dropping a sibling in there for her as well. Or if you were interested in getting involved with her some other way.


Oh right, and she's a Hyur, so you don't have to worry about rolling another race.

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