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Thinking of a return to Balmung


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Hi guys, not sure if many people from the RPC remember me but basically I took a break from Balmung for a bit to hop over to Odin due to EU Time Zone raiding here being generally shocking back when I was playing. Basically the EU raid community was spread out far too much and i was nigh impossible to get a good static.


So for the last few months I've been on Odin and have still struggled to find a static. It's not just that, the EU Datablock just seems toxic in general and it is nigh on impossible to PUG a single thing without taking a torrent of abuse.


So... I was wondering how EU time RP is going on, particularly in the BST/GMT+ time slot :3

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Its good to know that there are plenty of EU players. I've missed Balmung's community. Yes, even the /shout spam and the passive aggressive Party Finder comments. 


In Odin there is nothing at all, you are lucky to get anything from anyone when trying to speak to them. Of course you also have French players being abusive to people that refuse to speak French on an International Language Server. The only polite people seem to be the Germans, Scandinavians and Brits. It's actually a the point where I no longer queue for English because it will be full of abusive French players that WILL continue to harass you if they find out you're on Odin. On the plus side, my typed German has improved a lot, but they so actually go out of their way to speak Englsh for me so I understand tactics, even though I queued German and speak German xD


Even the spambots don't even make an effort on Odin lol.


How are things on weekends EU time because that is when I was thinking of hoping back. I've just about given up on raiding at this point, nobody wants a BLM for T6-9 (even though I have full experience for T6-8, and have every Primal kill done except for Ramuh EX and Moogle EX), so the EU raiding community still being dead doesn't bother me I just want to go back to having fun, and hopefully find my friends I left behind to catch up with them. I'm fairly certain that a few of them still play.

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