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How to Gil:

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Step 1: Set goal.

Step 2: ...

Step 3: Profit!




I'm starting this thread to put together something of a reference to acquiring Gil as it seems there are numerous methods in doing so and very few are well known. This may be a faux pas in some circles, but I'm surprised there hasn't been more popping up surrounding these strategies for FFXIV compared to other MMO's. Not every strategy will be as effective as another, some may require more effort than others, but they'll all have different appeals, and some will find ways to adapt various styles to their own schedules/play styles.


So, how do YOU make Gil in FFXIV?


Helpful Links:


Gil Making Strategies - An IGN article that isn't a bad read if you're looking to really get serious. I read it when I first started looking at crafting to make money.


7 Ways to Get Rich Quick - Not exactly a guide, more of a tips and hints article, it's worth a read though and has some good points to it.




My personal method is to Spiritbond HQ i45 gear via dungeons, fates, atma grinding, and queues. This is time consuming, and sometimes requires a crafting class or base amount of Gil to start with in order to accomplish.


Basic Tips:


i45 is the base to get level IV materia which should sell for the most. 


You may get bunk materia, it's still RNG which is unfortunate but this is often mitigated if your providing your items via a crafting class with HQ's.


Keep your eyes open for cheap Dungeon DOW/DOM gear on the boards, sometimes they're cheaper than crafting.


Leveling a new class with new HQ gear and turning your old equipment into materia can yield quite a  bit of unexpected revenue. I recently started leveling a Lancer/Dragoon on my account and made over 350k leveling to 35.

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If I put my mind to it I can craft for little cost and make 300k per day, but that eats my rp and dungeon time. Before I left I divided my time between the three. I focused all day yesterday and made 180k yesterday gathering and crafting for about 2 hours. Thats not counting the stuff I made and kept for fc house, a friend that wanted something I gave for free, and some charity outside the Quicksand. Had I sold everything, I would have made 410k yesterday. Gil is pretty easy after a patch, profits will fall next week I'm sure.

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