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A Crew for the Prowler


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So Long story short, Rae joined a hyur named Hei on a journey to different lands with his pirate crew on a ship called the Prowler. They arrived in Doma shortly before the revolt and ended up lending their hands in the revolt, where Hei was killed in battle. Afterwards, Rae and the rest of the crew lent their hands once more in helping in the aftermath. During this time Rae donned Hei's hat and took over his position as captain, while some would see her as still relatively new, there were no vocal objections to it.


Now, after about a total of year and a half, Rae and the others are back in Eorzea, having ported in Limsa for a bit of reprieve and finding some adventures on land until their ship is fully ready for the next round of adventures!


That being said, we are currently seeking members of this pirate crew! They can be prior to Rae becoming part of the crew, picked up along the way, or recruited in the aftermath of the revolt! If you have a character that you think would fit, or want to

 make one, let me know via PM, in game on Raeras Valhalla, or post here!


If there's enough interest I'll create a Linkshell at the very least so everyone can keep in touch :)


Current Members



Raeras Valhalla - War Scholar/Captain

Kylar Drake - Ninja (Currently posing as Bard)/Guard

X'Zanza Khei - Summoner/Right Hand Advisor



As for the 1.5 years gone, in reality it's only been about 5 months because her leaving had to do with me transferring over to Sarg. So I'm not too positive on the best way to rp that length of time, though I personally don't think that it would become much of an issue but I'd like to hear other's opinions on it. (I think there is a whole thread somewhere on here dedicated to the question 'how do you rp time' xD)

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