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SCOB - T7 Advice?

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People claim that BLM is the easiest class to learn, but in reality it is the hardest class to play well. You need knowledge of not only the fight but exactly when attacks will happen and where they will end up, and you need very good prediction skills.


One thing I will add for you is that due to latency, you can actually begin moving when there is about 0.5 second left on the cast bar. It allows for a lot of clutch casts and lets you really sneak in that extra one. Titan EX is a good example. During double plumes there s enough time to actually get n a spell between each set of plumes before you run.


This like Manawall an be useful as well for if you can safely stand in a physical hit and continue to cast. Divebombs on T5 are a good example. Before Manawall got nerfed, BLMs could safely stand to one side and ignore the entire Divebomb mechanic entirely.


BLM movement is also something you can only learn. You don't want to be moving for ore than one GCD if you can help it. Sometimes sitting on Thundercloud and Firestarter Procs is necessary to keep up your damage. As a BLM you are less moving and more adjusting position. Put Aetherical Manipulation onto a mouseover macro and SPAM IT. Your recovery from the animation is far shorted than your recovery animation from moving. Also Sprint should ALWAYS be up when you need to move. The sooner you are at your destination before your GCD ends, the less DPS you lose having to use GCDs casting Scathe.


Also, I cant believe how many people I see doing this. You should NEVER hard cast Thunder III. It is a DPS loss compared to Thunder II wth a Blizzard I weaved in. Basically in your Umbral Ice Phases you want to do the following Combos depending on your MP:


Blizzard III > Thunder II (Thunder III if Thundercloud or Swiftcast is up) > Blizzard I > Fire III

Blizzard III > Blizzard I > Thunder II (Thunder III if Thundercloud or Swiftcast is up) > Fire III

Blizzard III > Blizzard I > Blizzard I > Fire III


If you have to move replace the Blizzards with Scathe.


So few BLMs weave in Blizzard I's when there s more then enough time to do it during Umbral Ice phases.


You also want your Piety at 251. The best way to do this is put stat points into PIE until you are at 244, and the rest into INT. Losing 1-2 points of INT is nothing as this puts you are 251 PIE with a SCH in the group, which means you get one more Fire I in Astral Fire Phases, and your MP pool is big enough to allow you to weave in a Blizzard in Umbral Ice Phases. This also pretty much makes Spell Speed a junk stat for BLMs that you should only ever be stacking if you are hitting diminishing returns on Crit (and even then DET is flat out better).


Also your should be gunning for 460 Accuracy. Anything more or less is a waste in Second Coil. You need 471, and with a HQ Apkallu Omelette you can hit that easily. 460 is your magic number as that 11 Accuracy difference is made up by the food you should be using, and is better spent on an item that further boosts your Crit or DET.

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Raffy sucks for BLM. 


Switch to SMN, watch yourself shoot up to #1 on the parse.


Oh and 460 accuracy is more than fine. T6-T8 of 2nd Coil requires only a little more accuracy than T5. I'm not sure if T9 requires more, but I never missed once on BLM at 457 accuracy on Melusine.


The piety thing seems to only be an issue if you aren't a moonkitty, because I'm at 251 piety with scholar contribution with 30 points into int.


btw you can still use manawall to cheese divebombs, just have to be more careful about when to use it. I use it in T5 still on the 2nd set so I can sit there and blast the asclepius while everybody else is dodging, or to free someone from conflag because the phases push awkwardly now with 20% echo.

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... I can't stop myself.


On Sunday I pugged T7 with only one person I knew. My inexperience with this fight (never having passed 1st set of adds) just made me anxious to the extreme. I was on vent but I had to shut off my mic for the most part because I was nearly in tears with anxiety because I didn't want to screw up a group who has nearly cleared before.


.... I relaxed soon when I wasn't making nearly as many mistakes except I'm having large issues with LoS and keeping myself from getting Shrieked...


Advice? tips? I tried to do it where I couldn't see who had Shriek but I ended up double-fireballing both Healers.. I'm sorry Nat

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The fight just has a lot of RNG. The most important things are communicating when stuff need to be adjusted, like shriek positioning.


Having not cleared it myself I can't give advice with too much authority, but for the fireballs, just make sure you run out as soon as you see the ground flash for shriek. DPS seem to be able to scoot out of there before the fireball hits most of the time.

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Not knowing your role (I assume a range DPS?), it's hard to offer advice. Before my static disbanded we were progressing well in T7, so I'll just talk about what you said you're having trouble with.


VOIP is very helpful in T7, for calling out VOICE and SHRIEK. Make sure you know the difference between them, of course. Keep Melusine focus targeted so you know what she's using if you don't have VOIP for someone to call it out.


VOICE: projects a petrification cone in the direction you are facing.


SHRIEK: projects a circular wave of petrification around the person it affects.


VOICE is simple to deal with once you are used to it. I advise moving your Status Affect bar somewhere easily visible for your benefit (mine is above my hotbars) so that you can see when you are affected by it. Simply glance at the timer, and when it is down to 1-2 seconds, turn the character to the side or run to the edge of the arena to direct your cone away from the party. If you're a healer, it is your job to face the Renaud when you have VOICE and freeze it (without freezing the kiting bard!).


SHRIEK depends on the coordination of the entire raid to dodge, so this is not always on you! The bard must be kiting the Renaud properly, so that it is in a good position behind the party. The healer must direct their VOICE at the Renaud to freeze it. The person who is afflicted with SHRIEK must position the Renaud between themselves and Melusine (and not be in the Renaud's hit box). The rest of the party must move so they are between the Renaud and Melusine, protected from the SHRIEK, and immediately move back into normal positions when it is done so the fireballs don't stack on people and kill them. All of this while DPSing the adds and the main boss! It takes practice. There will be wipes.


LOSing the SHRIEK is done something like this:


The bard happens to have the Renaud (purple star) there when it is frozen by one of the healers. The person who gains the SHRIEK effect (orange) runs to position themselves with the Renaud between them and Melusine. The party must immediately move into position (greens), the add (red) will be taken with. When SHRIEK goes off, spread out again to avoid fireballs stacking.


That's pretty much all there is. If you're doing this and still dying, or still getting SHRIEKed.. then it's not you! :P

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Haha >practice


>Anxiety joining any PUG or raid group


Raiding is so double-sided for me :( I love it and yet I'm always under lots of anxiety with people I don't know as well as I do like say I do with friends.


I've got 2 weeks before I can actually have the soldiery needed for the Weathered Laevateinn  but er...


I don't think I'll be trying hunts for awhile @_@;

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Haha >practice


>Anxiety joining any PUG or raid group


Raiding is so double-sided for me :( I love it and yet I'm always under lots of anxiety with people I don't know as well as I do like say I do with friends.


I've got 2 weeks before I can actually have the soldiery needed for the Weathered Laevateinn  but er...


I don't think I'll be trying hunts for awhile @_@;


The difference is if you join up with an actual raid LS, you won't have to worry about the things you would in a PF. Like idiots, impatient idiots, incompetent idiots, lazy idiots, people who can't complete a sentence without a homophobic or misogynist slur and people who blame everything they do poorly on other people.


Since my sub fell off I lost a few of the people I had gathered for Radiant. Right now it's pretty much just me, a PLD and a SCH. We're still trying to find people, and while we are progression-minded, c'mon, I run an FC that's entirely dedicated to making sure its members feel comfortable and at ease.

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Turn 7 is the static breaker. It's actually harder than t8 in mine and many other's opinion.


So much can go wrong and far too much of it is dependent on RNG. There's sometimes morale problems because the mechanics make it very obvious who screwed up and it only takes one or two angry individuals playing the blame game to really heighten the tension and cause further issues.


Worse yet, if your group performs too well in DPS you can cause a wipe due to skipping Cursed Voice casts or pushing the Renaud(s) to wake up and beat everyone to death (it's always the healers that die first in that situation).


As for line of sighting shriek, always remember that latency can be a factor, move early. Even at the cost of a little DPS because if you get petrified and end up shrieked next cycle, or you're facing the main tank/DPS none of that damage is going to matter anyway.


I must say though that the anxiety thing has to be tackled first. I can tell you now that the ones who yell and scream and play the blame game will destroy PUGs and statics - and they certainly don't end up clearing the content themselves. These people are toxic and will only make your problem worse, don't put up with them for the hopes of a clear at the cost of your own happiness.


You're going to wipe a LOT learning these fights, and in fact it's mandatory to learn how to do it. In full PUGs there's often one or two assholes that rage and really build the tension, so I really recommend trying to put together or join a static group of people who understand that you have to wipe to win.

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