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Possible Adventuring RP

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So, I always try to play at least two characters as I often get into moments where one cannot role play but I still want to RP. As I spend almost all of my waking day RPing. As of right now it seems that I may lose one of my two characters and if I don't at least one of them will be played less far more significantly as he becomes busy with other things. Really neither of my characters are getting a whole bunch of RP time but that is a issue I kind of brought upon myself.


ANYROAD, this has got me planning for the next character I will make to correct my around two characters balance. What kind of backstories, what kind of personalities he/she will have, ect. And I had an idea which I thought could be really cool and provide lots of RP, but it is requiring of an active group for it to run as efficiently as it should. The idea is something along the lines of an adventuring group. It would take a minimum of four people to run and a maximum of 8 or so. The point would be that the characters acollect into a group of adventurers who do dungeons IC and go through the games content while RPing at the same time. It is not a group where you do a IC dungeon once a week or so. It would for those who want a character that is a devoted adventurer and will try to be on to do content with us while having fun RPing at the same time in a stress free environment. Of course not everyone will always be on at the same time but for full 8 man dungeons we could organize somewhat to make sure we all get on at the same time, then as long as we have 5+ active people, we could switch around with other members of the adventuring trope for our four man party if others do not seem to be available at the time.


This is not something that will happen immediately. But it could happen soon and I would like to collect names of anyone who could be interested. You do not have to have a specific back story and you do not need to make a new character for this. You simply have to have the IC desire to be an adventurer and be somewhat active.

I would kind of prefer that your class somewhat matches your character though. As if we are roleplaying in a dungeon with a person who calls themself a craftsmen in full decked out dragoon gear having never even set foot in coerthas... It may not make a lot of sense IC... Anywho I plan on being a Warrior/Marauder tank. Which means we still need 2 DPS and a healer. If we can get those 3 slots filled then we can work on getting the next four filled for our 8-man. The character I use will simply be a small town La nocea boy who is skilled with an axe and wants to see the greater world. So he has fliers put up throughout the city states recruiting for active adventurers to join his group for the longer term.


If anyone is interested please feel free to say so and I will contact you when this RP is ready to be set in motion! :3

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