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And now I go, to start RPing!

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Hey there! I've recently learned about the wonder that is RP through my boyfriend and his RP group in STO (Star Trek Online), and since then, I've gotten an itch to RP in FFXIV. I managed to worm my way into Gilgamesh and I can't wait to try my hand at it!You can find me on:


  • Cailinus Redsteele (a rough-and-tumble drunkard mercenary Highlander with a love for axes and swords)
  • Aesar Vilauclaire (a mad Duskwight obsessed with thaumaturgy and arcanima)
  • R'lahna Tia (a curious Miqo'te who set out to travel and see as much as he can, trusty bow and quiver hanging on his back, and daggers on his sides)
  • Mamani Mani (a fiery little Dunesfolk as stubborn as an ornery chocobo, who longs to master the land and the hand by any means necessary)
  • Terbinwaen Zirnundwyn (a Sea Wolf whose proficiency with the spear and fist-weapons is only matched by her ability to drink others under the table and still walk a semi-straight line)
  • Elysse Borges (a Duskwight from a rather successful family, who wishes to make a name for herself as more than just another 'Borges').

These characters and their names have been saved up for a while now, and I must say, I'm very excited to finally able to start working on them and see how they grow and develop!

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RP really can be a wonder. :)


Be sure to check out the linkshells and fcs for gilgamesh (found here). There are tons of friendly folks from that server, and I've heard that sometimes you need to reach out to find the rp, but once you do it's great!


Welcome to the RPC, and I hope you have a wonderful time!!

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You can also check out the Linkshell listing to find some RP linkshells you may be interested in. I recommend the Adventurer's Guild and Sellswords - those were the first two I joined (AG is OOC, Sellswords is IC) and there appears to be a fair amount of activity on both.


Kallan Artotios is my main, and I am almost always up for RP of some kind. Feel free to look me up if you like.

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