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The Kindred Services

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Hello everyone. The following is an IC advertisement for The Kindred and their services - We’re a company split half between EU and NA, and we’d love to help you arrange events on any scale.

We have a grand total of 35 players that are able and ready to carry out the tasks below. You can contact us icly via PM’s here on the RPC, Mail ingame (feel free to friendslist us) and even by simply showing up in our house to ask for people. If you want to know more feel free to ask in this topic and I’ll reply whenever possible.

I should note that our bar is open from 12PM PST/3PM EST and onwards, as we run it in the EU primetime. Otherwise, everything is held on-demand. 

 Alas, onwards to the IC:



The following can be found on posters hanging about in all city states, in the Goblet and can also be heard on a rumor basis. 


The Kindred is here to serve you!

We are a large company offering a multitude of services, all executed to the very best of our abilities - and at competitive prices!

Take a look at what we can offer below, and if you have any ideas we do not have listed, contact us! Our network is extensive, and we can surely find the right people to accommodate your needs.


Trade services:

Are you out of something you need? Don’t have time to go and get it yourself?

We will happily find everything and bring it right to you.


Party services:

Is it your name-day? Do you want to arrange a surprise party for someone? Leave it all to us, for a price you can toss a party and we’ll sort out everything from entertainment to drinks and food


Guided tours through Eorzea:

Do you want to see more of Eorzea with minimal risk? Arrange a trip for you and your friends, where you get to visit and learn more about Eorzea’s landmarks.


Get drunk in our bar:

The Bottom is open every tuesday and thursday, we serve both drinks and food of the best quality, with a comfortable price tag! Bring your friends.


Relax in our Spa:

Weary from all of the hard work you do? Come enjoy an evening in our spa, with expert massages, scented candles and a soothing atmosphere. Contact Thala'to Relehna to book a time!


Date services:

We can help you with everything from finding the right location, to getting food and candles brought out to create a romantic date for two! Are you looking for someone to bring on a date? Well, you never know, we might know just the right person for you!


Wedding planning:

Popping the question to your special someone? Let us help you arrange the wedding just how you like it.


Mercenary services:

We have the manpower you need for most any assignment. Contact Reinette Aurifont for specifics!


You can find us in the 4th ward of The Goblet, house number 11, by mail or other means - simply request any of these individuals:

Sastra, Leanna, Vijara, Bexy and Rei W.

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