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I'm coming back, lets hope I can stay

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Hiya! So I'm a returning player from the first couple of months when ARR came out (You MIGHT remember me as user Unlikely_Arcanist here). I played through phases 3 and 4 and all the way into october or december of 2013 ( I cant remember!) But it finally feels good to be back but a whole lot has gone on apparently! I'm still new to the RP scene and while I was on gilgamesh back in the day, a thousand new servers seemed to have been born since I was away. I still want to RP but I'm kind of intimidated since everyone on gilgamesh and balmung would be at the current top level, and I'm starting out fresh since I can't seem to get my old account to work :? But oh well! I'm excited to be back and while I might not play the game religiously, I still want to play when time allows! I can't wait to see y'all in the game, and more excited to make some new friends!

But one more itty bitty question, should I join gilgamesh or balmung?

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Both are good servers for RP and what I've seen have great communities. I'm on Balmung myself so I want to advocate it...


As far as being low level in RP, no one should really care. RP generally doesn't focus on gear or level so it shouldn't be an issue :3

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Pfff, I'm one of the slowest levelers out there, and what's more is that there are new players signing up all the time who are also rpers! So don't worry at all on that account if you do wind up making a new character.


Welcome back! People are super friendly and stuff, and as someone who has remained in the lower levels, I've never had it be a problem during rp -- no matter what level the people I'm rping with are.

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Awww, thanks guys :) you've already reassured me! I've been looking around and I think I'll be joining Balmung this time around! Gilgamesh was fun but since a lot of the older players are probably there, maybe I can watch and learn from the masters themselves!:D (and I think there might be more LS and rp FCs to choose from). So maybe I'll see you guys later! I'll just have to spend all night getting ocd about my characters appearance, name, race, class, and goodness knows what else!

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