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Courtesan looking for customers and connections!

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After re-working Z'zhumii Umi's Wiki (linked in my signature), I'm a bit more comfortable in actively RPing her and am looking for connections!


To be brief and blunt:


-I'm looking for fellow Courtesan RPers! There is an untapped sense of both community and rivalry to be had. I have a IC linkshell- The Courtesan Coalition -but actually interacting with people is ideal!


-I'm looking for customers! Want a pretty, talented Miqo'te to attend your party to up your status a bit? A lovely lady to dote on and lavish with gifts? A mistress for your unhappy political marriage?

(conditions regarding all of this can be found in my Wiki)


-I'm looking for general connections! I have a handful of RP hooks on my Wiki which could mean possible familial connections to past coworkers.

If you have an idea, let me know!



Please contact me in game or here via PM if you are interested!

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Hiya! I'm coming back to the realm after a year, and I'm starting fresh with a new guy! I want to develop him as a host/entertainer and while he may not be a customer (he prefers the company of his own kind if ya know what I mean ;) ) maybe we can meet up in the city sometime. Just send me a tell or whatever (I'm still relearning lol) and when I finally get out of blasted lominsa we can talk more

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If you happen to run a tavern night or some-such, Umi is available to sing and entertain!

I actually have written songs for her to perform at such things, because I have way too much time on my hands.

PM if interested!

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