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A Brighter Day by the Sea (Closed)

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*Note: Some entries in this thread will contain some nudity or adult situations.


The smell of the sea permeated the room even through the closed windows. The cawing of the birds outside like an old familiar alarm clock. Another day had dawned in Limsa Lominsa and Melodia was still alive thank the gods. Her eyes fluttered open slowly as she lay in her bed and immediately felt the warmth of the man sleeping by her side, one of his arms draped over her back while she lay on her stomach, face half buried in her pillow.


She raised her head slowly, using a hand to wipe the blurriness from her eyes, as her blue-tinged hair hung messily around her face and she saw the man was still sleeping. She felt bad as she could barely remember his name. He was a Hyur...and they'd met over drinks at the Drowning Wench while she was off duty. She doubted he'd see her off this morning.


Melodia slid out of bed, nude as the day she was born and hurried to shower and prepare for the day. It was her first day as a newly promoted Sergeant in the Yellowjackets and she didn't want to be late. After getting her hair put together and her uniform on, she looked at herself in the mirror and grinned. The Seeker looked good and she was excited to take on her new role, which was a far cry from her previous life. The grin turned into a frown at that memory and she cursed.


"Aye, leave that shite behind, Mel. Not a wee lass anymore. Time t' start earnin' yer coin, 'stead of stealin' it," she whispered to herself. She forced a grin and nodded, quietly heading out the door before looking back at the man still passed out on the bed. She blew him a kiss and sighed before heading out the door. She prayed he'd be gone when she returned, closing the door and heading out into the crisp Limsa air.


A new day was dawning in Limsa and she was ready approach it head on.

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The sunlight broke through the clouds, and gave a brief respite from the rain and Melodia headed out and welcomed the day before her. Her patrol route took her through both the upper and lower decks of the city, and through the different worlds of Limsa.


Here, the markets of Hawker's Alley were bright, lively, and busy with life abound. Folks trading and buying, while the passer by oft times had to fight for space to get by. This was a Limsa she knew well, one that had demanded much of her attention as a younger woman. Though, truth be told, she'd been posted on guard duty here a number of times over the past year. She'd risen through the ranks fast and she knew why and dismissed the thought as it brought a fresh shade of red to her cheeks.


The lower decks were usually quiet, save for the docks. As she wandered, her boots making heavy sounds on the wooden planks (for she was a tall one), her axe shifting on her back with each step, she could feel the glares of the workers there. She was an unwanted presence...an obstacle for them making their coin and she hurried along, giving glances at the men and women there, ensuring thy saw her face, wanting them to know that she would be around again.


And again.


And again.


She felt strongly for the city and its people. She wanted the city to be just an fair and many of the sorry lot at the docks were keeping that from happening. The gangs, the smugglers, the pirates...they blatantly wandered the docks with an air of enititlement. Melodia hoped to remedy that over time.


As she was heading to the stairwell by the Fisher's Guild she was stopped by a young Elezen man, who'd beckoned her. As she cautiously approached she smiled, his look like the blade of a butcher's knife, eager to find something to cut.


"Wull, look at the pretty girlie come wanderin' in the wrong side'a town." He voice was raspy and worn, the glare he shot Melodia was accompanied by a contrasting grin. "Yer new....a freshmeat."


She crossed her arms and she glared at the man with hardened eyes, the scars across her cheeks gave her a look that she was familair with...only the uniform was different than she as used to.


"Lemme play it simple, girlie. You don' need to wander down here again. Take a break....get a drink at the Wench on us. Maybe find yerself someone ta ease you into tha city." His hand held a bag of what sounded like coins and his grin never changed.


She tilted her head and smiled at the man, though it was a venemous one that was an honest assessment of the man from her part.


She snorted and clacked her teeth a bit. "Ye're the bloody welcome committee. Here's my answer f'r ye and yer boys out there." Melodia leaned in and hissed the words. "Ye take that gods damned coin and shove it in yer arse. Ye ever try t'bribe me again an' I'll haul yer arse to the damn cells meself. Ye little shite...talkin' at me like I'm meant to be bought and paid fer."  She laughed aloud and turned to walk away but paused before turning back, looking at the man, still stupidly holding the coin out in front of him, the smile wiped away from his face. "Might wanna hang onta it....ye all maybe movin' outta town soon 'nuff." She laughed and headed up the stairs to the upper decks of the city.

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*FYI this post future one may contain strong language and or situations*


If the lower decks were all piss and vinegar, the upper decks only pretended to not be. And they did a poor job of it. She strolled through the Drowning Wench, giving a polite nod to the barkeep and scanning the tables and the bar for anything suspicious. Nothing too bad. Just the usual riff raff, the red head with her muscle at the bar, and the newcomers too stupid to realize they were being take for a ride by the city and hadn't even gotten their ticket yet.


As she headed out to the Aftcastle, she sighed. The night air felt too nice to be pissing about on duty.


"Kill them lazy thoughts, girl. Let yer guard down and get bit in the arse by one o' these black-hearted bastards." The thought was a command to refocus and that she did. She turned on her boot heel, turning to the Bismarck and walked with purpose. As she walked past one of the table she saw a couple of women standing, and looking about with mischief in their eyes, though they were dressed in fine clothing. And it was with that in mind that Melodia approached the two standing near the wall.


"Evenin' ladies." The words eased out of her mouth pleasantly as she rested a hand against the wall next to them. Her look was a judgemental one, part scorn, part pity. "Tell me, why not get a table....have some food. Standin' round here like this...people might get ideas, see."


The women stared at her with a mixture of disbelief and disgust. "Look we're not causing any trouble. We're just standing here. Now piss off." One of the two said with venom.


Melodia chuckled heartily and nodded. "Aye...standin' here. And pissin' me off. One an' the same." She leaned in close and registered a whispered hiss. "Think I don' recognize a pair o' whores when I see 'em? Here's a hint ladies. Fuck off and go home. Tell yer boss that these days'er over. An' if ye don't leave? I'll toss ye in the clink an' leave ye there for the other prisoners if ye bloody want to get a piece so bad." Her look was one of deadly seriousness,  with hard face that denoted she was not one to bluff. She waited half a tick then watched as the two walked away very quickly and muttering under their breath hateful curses against her. She didn't even turn or adjust her position and said loud enough where they could hear, "Nice evenin' ladies. Stay out o' trouble."


She grinned to herself, pushing away from the way and turning to continue her patrol.

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"Aye, now piss off!"


Melodia hissed this at the dockworker, which caused the man to jump a bit. She didn't feel bad since she'd paid him. It had been a busy few days, and she'd paid a decent amount of coin gathering information. She was deep in thought, wondering what her next move would be. Her approach had been twofold. And both had yielded at least something, though she was uncertain whether they would get the desired results. And she knew to take these drunken fools' words with a grain of salt.


She began to walk and paused, seeing the dockworker still standing there. "Boy didn't I tell ye to piss off? Ain't ye got somethin' better t' do than stare at me?"


He stammered and whispered. "J-just needed to say.....to warn ya."


She looked closer at him, and stepped within earshot. "Ye'll need t' elaborate f'r me. I don' read minds." Her snarky comment dripped with sarcasm, and she wore a dismissive smile awaiting what could only be the smartest nugget of wisdom that could come from this underling.


"Y-you watch her...she's got a vicious temper. M-mean one she is." He wagged his finger slightly side to side referencing her out fit. "Sh-she ain't gonna like that getup....I'm just....just sayin'."


Melodia still grinned, but in her head she took note. "Aye...I'll keep it under advisement. Now...be a good lad and do as I told ye the first time." He nodded nervously and walked away, glancing back unsure of himself and yet kept moving.


She considered his words and knew he was right. For this one, she'd need to maybe consider some less threatening clothing. She wanted to approach this one differently and she had a name finally:  Kink. It wasn't much but was a start. The man had given her a description of a Miqo'te that seemed hard to miss. And she would start that search in the Drowning Wench.


Walking back to the market area, her mind was deep in thought, wondering how she would deal with this woman, though her mind was alos hooked onto her other problem. she had no hard evidence, just whispers and rumors, but it was enough to get her curiousity worked up. She needed to start pushing back against some of the prostitution rings in town, and something seemed all too innocent about a certain matchmaking service in town.


Flipping the business card she'd gotten from someone she looked at the lettering and her eyes narrowed. Heaven's Gate. And a woman named "Grace".


She clacked her teeth softly and walked on. Was time to start rattling some cages in the city.

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