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Good Day!

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Hello everyone!


My name is Reima (as I'll share a name with my character), and I'm happily returning to Final Fantasy XIV after a long, necessary hiatus.  I can't believe how much the game has grown since I was last able to explore Eorzea!  Because I'd never gotten very far originally, I've decided to "start from scratch" with my Legacy character and am currently attempting to re-learn the ins and outs of the game. I can't stay away from the RPC, though!


While I consider myself a "heavy", dedicated roleplayer with years of experience under my belt, I haven't spent much time roleplaying in the MMO scene--something I'm hoping to change!  My roleplaying experiences have instead been with long-running, character-focused tabletop gaming groups, LARPing, and many years with roleplaying servers on multiplayer Neverwinter Nights (for those who are familiar with that old one!)


As for Reima, in short:  She's a Gridanian-born Hyur who has only recently returned to the forests that she'd remembered from her childhood.  However far away she may have been from the Shroud, the girl found herself in communion with the invisible things of the world, often speaking to things that no others could see while shying away from her fellows.  However awkward she may be, though, Reima remains good-spirited and bold in her curiosity, and has taken up study with the Conjurers of Gridania so as to explore her connection with the elementals and delve into the knowledge of our world's spirits.


I'm a huge fan of "open" roleplaying, so if you happen to bump into Reima Awen out in the world, please feel free to say hello!  I don't yet belong to a Linkshell or Free Company, but will likely put out feelers for Intermission until Reima and I stumble across something that suits her.


Until we meet!

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Oh fun!


The player-made servers from the NWN platform were fantastic.


I particularly played on one that was based on Tolkien's Middle Earth (in fact it was called RoME Return to Middle Earth) for a few years. It was very creative and had a great player base.


I think most of the people I run into in character have that same quality in this game which is really refreshing.


Welcome aboard!

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Hello and welcome to the RPC!  C:


First and foremost, I find Reima to be a character that would blend well with mine so if you ever want to meet up IC when im not busy then we can RP and I can add a new entry in my wiki of people Inessa knows.  xD


As for Real-Time RP, as I have taken to calling it, is intimidating at first but isn't horribly difficult if you're a fast typer. Other than that, you will do just fine.

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Thank you, everyone!  (And I'm actually kind of surprised to hear about former NWN players already!  That makes me nostalgic~)


I can already feel myself settling into the game as far as a general understanding of its mechanics goes, but figuring everything else out is going to be pretty exciting!  I'll have to be a brave girl and start poking my head into some of the high traffic roleplaying areas, soon.  :moogle:

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