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Charitable Deeds in the Desert - Providing for Pearl Alley

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[align=center]Charitable Deeds in the Desert:


[align=center]Providing for Pearl Alley[/align]




[align=left]What: Street Outreach/Low-Level Item Giveaway


[align=left]When: July 25th, 7PM CST (Convert to your timezone)


[align=left]Where: (Gilgamesh) Pearl Alley, Ul'dah


[align=left]Who: Play crafters wanting to give back to the community, play heroes who want to do more, play someone in need of help. But it's hardly an RP event if we all just agree. If you have a character who opposes these activities for any reason, we want you there!


[align=left]Why: Even (or especially) in a static game environment, it's fun to feel like your character is making a difference. Plus, you'll be making a difference in the real world - for every character that shows up and roleplays, we'll be donating a can of food to a local food pantry. Showing up to hand out or accept a few loaves of knight bread will be putting real food in the belly of someone who needs it.

Description: Ul’dah is known for many things: a hub of commerce, a gathering place for heroes looking to make their fortune, a land rich of history as well as of coin... But if there’s one thing it is not famous for—it would be compassion.


This Friday (June 25th), Area of Effect invites adventurers from all across Eorzea to join us in bringing kindness and charity back to a city that could sorely use it. Bring yourself, a friend and your spirit of generosity (whether it be food, clothes, or just a kind word for ears not used to hearing them) and come make a difference in Eorzea’s desert city.


[align=left]OOC: Basically we're distributing low-level items for free to anyone who wants or needs them, and RPing with those receptive. No one will be turned away, as long as we have supplies.


This event is largely being spread IC by word-of-mouth. If your character hasn't heard about it from their FC leader or over a linkshell, please contact Talin Rhela in-game, or ask anyone from Area of Effect. Alternately, he or she might have come by the information another way.


Popupu Pupu, Mortified Merchant, Overheard at the Quicksand -

"...and so she asks, do you have anything you can spare? Ha! Can you believe it? I worked hard to get where I am, no way, no how, am I giving one dented copper nail file to those hooligans that are always driving my customers away with their sob stories and stench. So I ask her, have you got anything for ME? Where's MY hand-out? And this little trollop smiles at me, looks me right in the eyes, and says, come on down to Pearl Alley this Friday, no one will be turned away. Ugh! The NERVE of some people. I do hope no one overheard us..."



Adelaida, Savvy Ul'dahn Shopper -

"Oh, those poor dears...my husband hates to see them 'lounging about,' but they just look so sad. All dirty and washed-out and faded in the sun. If they were tunics, they'd be about ten years out of style, and no one would pay a single gil for them. Small wonder no one will hire them on. If only there was something we could do.. Ah! I did hear of something happening this..Friday, I believe? Some sweet young women, and, oh my, men too, will be right here, giving out a message of hope, along with blankets, medicine, that sort of thing. I wonder if they're part of some sort of religious order? No matter, I suppose. I'll certainly be there myself, donating my time, showing that I DO care about those poor souls. Well...so long as there isn't a sale on..."



Broken Granite, Roegadyn of Pearl Alley -

["What are you, new here, kid? Ain't seen you around before. Naw, don't need no explanation - you're hungry's all I need to know. Here, half a popoto's all you're gettin' from me. Hells, half a popoto's all I got. Folks're tighter with their purse-strings these days, no tellin' where our next meal's comin' from. 'cept...ol' Doddering Dodoro says he heard tell there's gonna be some big giveaway this weekend. Food, shoes, clothes - all new, or as good as. Some teary-eyed soft-hearts most like, if it ain't some kinda scam. You see 'em crop up every couple years, these sorts, hearts just breakin,' all full o' hope and goodwill and so on. Then o' course they wander off to their other, whaddyacallem, philanthropic projects, leave us in all this fine Ul'dahn dust. Can't say as I blame 'em - I'd forget Pearl Alley existed, too, if I could. But if this is the real deal, or leastways what passes for it nowadays, you make sure you get yours. Take all the clothes you can pile on your body, bring extra grub home to your sick ma - yeah, I didn't think you got a sick ma, that ain't the point. You take what you can, 'cause the rest of the world don't give a clump o' aldgoat shit about you. And when these folks, bless 'em, go back to their warm homes and comfy beds, ain't no tellin' when someone who looks at you like a real, live person, and not some piece of gutter-trash, is gonna show their face in this godsforsaken alley again."



Area of Effect hopes you'll find the time to stop by and RP, this Friday the 25th, at 7PM CST. It'll be fun, and you'll be helping people in need in both Eorzea and our world. If you have any questions about this event, how to get involved, or how to help, please feel free to ask in this thread, message me here on the RPC, or send a /tell to Talin Rhela, Kalen Cook, or anyone with an AoE tag over their head.


Special thanks to XifangCrimson for creating the image, and mentoring me through creating an event. Could not have done this without her!

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Thank you to the Golden Sands and Envisage of Night for your IC and OOC support, and thank you to our independent contributors, as well. If anyone wants to help out in or out of game, we can still use plenty more supplies, and I'd be delighted to see someone who wanted to contribute or match canned food donation IRL in his or her home town. :love:

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