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So quickly put into context the amazing thing that happened today-- 


In March this year a friend had a drunk thought to make a board game. At the time we were away from home for our friends wedding so we said that when we got back we'd get together once a week and work on it.


Only 4 short months later after play testing at a local game store and demoing the game at MetroCon (we still have a demo going down for ComicCon too). I just got news today that the EVP of Hot Topic is interested in having our game sold in their store! The still recently married friend of mine is on his way over now and we're going to be putting together a presentation for him to look at tomorrow. 


My friends and myself are still trying to keep a cool head about all this but it's just such an amazing opportunity and my excitement cannot be contained right now. 


If people are interested in what kind of game we're making I'll share what I can. I also at the same time don't want to self-promote and just want to share the news. I have a good feeling a lot of people here and who play video games / board games in general will love what we're doing.

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