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  1. The survey is biased to make Balmung look good and its admitting to its own bias in the preamble. Not exactly anything people can take seriously.
  2. From my understanding, once you leave and see the outside world, you are essentially persona non grata.
  3. Tilith first pull on the Brave Frontier banner, and I got a Rem (Guaranteed 5) + Aileen (Free 10+1 ticket) off the Anniversary shit. I also got Rikku within 5 pulls (with like... 23 tickets left), so I'm all set for that, too. In between all that and getting WoL to Level 100, I'm not lacking in stuff to do and Aileen's enhancements apparently make her top tier. Plus, her Piledriver seems like it hits on the same frames as Phantom Shadow, so I can probably replace my weakest Chiz. Still don't have my Apron for Olive, but even so IDGAF about Balthier so.
  4. Give it a couple of days - Saying it's a success from one day when people only learned of the timing 1 hour before it happened is asking for trouble down the line.
  5. And you expected it to become something different why? Have you talked to the people here before?
  6. Yup, TMs are mostly farmed using Macros. It's not allowed in JP, but Gumi allows it in GL for some reason. So long as you're not doing something incredibly stupid (like injecting) you're fine. I usually rock an Olive as my friend unit but since I'm missing hella materia and equipment I generally have her over around 840 ATK. (Also I didn't care for Y'sh 'cause I have a Refia with Dualcast. I just need to go hard on the raid because of the TMs since they're better than plain ATK+10%)
  7. Ah, yes, the yearly Fuck Canadians message from Square-Enix. I didn't miss it.
  8. It's also to give a warning to people who've been relying on literally "the server is like 20 minutes from my place" ping. (I'll be sad when that's gone ;.
  9. Gosetsu is the best. Also, Shinryu? Welp, time to call in the DRGs.
  10. Bad example since the series straight up did away with classes for main series games starting with VII (with three exceptions in certain characters in IX and the MMOs). VI Japanese version had classes for everyone, for example - Which didn't get localized for the SNES version (GBA version restored those, with some wonkiness, such as Shadow being an Assassin instead of Ninja). * * * In so far as mechanics are concerned, I expect SE to get rid of the "15 in another class" requirement and have much more linear progression with each class. Especially since they seem to be doing away
  11. I likely wouldn't be in the FC I'm in if I had to straight up apply and wasn't guaranteed a pass through from having RPed with them independently for over a year if not more.
  12. i have a tumblr for following peeps pretty much, i rarely put stuff on it.
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