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Getting back into roleplaying [Balmung]

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Hey everyone!


My name is Lexi, short for Alexandra. Yep, half my screen name is my actual name, sort of :P. I'm 35 years old and live in the Netherlands, currently engaged to Mikoyan Snoot who lives in the US. Next year April he'll move to NL, yay \o/

We have four cats, 2 Maine Coons, 1 that thinks she's a dog and 1 cuddle bug.


So, anyway! My FC is The Moogle Conspiracy and my RP LS is Europa.


I used to RP quite a bit on a Dutch forum and on an English forum. It was good fun and I always enjoyed it. During my days in FFXI (Tattersail on Asura), I also roleplayed from time to time.


Recently I ran into some people roleplaying near my FC's house and I thought it'd be fun to randomly join in for a brief moment. This mostly piqued my interest again. Guess the spark was reignited, so to speak!

I got all inspired and have been contemplating my character ever since the weekend. Usually I'll just roll with the situation and do what feels natural to me.


Well, guess it's time to go work on that character wiki! Oh yeah, anyone who is up for helping me get back into it, feel free to walk up to me and say Hi!


I'm usually found at the FC house in The Goblet, Brimming heart, plot 19 4th Ward.

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Hahaha Warren! That is great. Thanks for the hearty laugh!


I needed that after accidentaly x-ing out of my wiki profile.... Now I have to start over :frustrated:

I'll do that tomorrow >.>


Don't be afraid to update it in increments. I put together an outline, saved it. Added a bio block, saved it. Did each segment at a time, saving along the way. Just slap a big WORK IN PROGRESS at the top so people know to come back periodically!

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