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Tides of Possibility - a scifi anthology

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Hola, everybody! I'm willing to bet my last dollar that a bunch of you are spec fic (sci-fi/fantasy/horror) fans, and I think it's safe to say that the majority of y'all know how to read. Or have a text-to-speech mechanisms!


I'm rather pleased as punch right now, as my husband (known to this community as Twinflame) recently saw his second publication - and his first anthology - last night a little past midnight. I wanted to share it with y'all here, because 1) I honestly think its content would be right up everyone's alley, and 2) ... Okay, how could I resist plugging it to expand its reach? The whole production was a HUGE effort by him as editor (and contributor), contributors from the local Houston area and around the world, and the backing of the Houston Writers Guild. I give to you...




It's part 1 in a multi-part anthology series planned - this time covering all manner of science fiction stories. I've had the honor of watching the whole thing be put together - from its baby steps in discussions with the HWG, through its successful Kickstarter campaign, to submission after submission, to being picked up by Barnes & Noble in print... Whew! Super exciting!


Anyway, it's got a whole bunch of really great stories, and I'd like to implore any of y'all who may be interested to toss a couple bucks at the Kindle version on Amazon and leave a review! The latter is especially important, as books live or die based on the number of reviews in this age of publishing. Support a fellow roleplayer who is rapidly seeing his career dream come true, and in the process support a bunch of other blossoming writers and indie publishing! :)

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