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On the Road to Gridania!

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For the last three weeks, two would-be adventurers have been making preparations in Ul'dah for a caravan journey that will take both of them much farther than either have traveled in their relatively short lives. Perhaps you've seen them around the city, asking about caravan schedules and travel routes! 


Having met by chance, their circumstances made them decide to pool their respective resources, monetary and otherwise, to make the journey safely. They will be departing with an armed caravan, along with other travelers, and will be making their way to Gridania over a week's time.


We will be stopping along the route at various settlements and would like to invite you to join us (P'ashara Pari and Lucas Rajan) on any of the evenings listed below for a couple hours of roleplay. After this, we'll be spending our IC time exploring Gridania and the Shroud for a few weeks... or who knows? Adventure may take us somewhere else! 


Saturday, July 26 at 9:00PM CST

The Coffer and Coffin, South of Blackbrush Station, Central Thanalan


Sunday, July 27 at 9:00PM CST

Camp Drybone, Eastern Thanalan


Thursday, July 31 at 9:00PM CST

Buscarron's Druthers, South Shroud


We are both relatively new to the game but would love to make some contacts and meet some people, so if you are bored on any of these evenings or looking for some casual but fun roleplay, please feel free to stop by!

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This was a great idea, and I only regret that Rinette and Xydane were not online to be there. However, as you saw, I brought the Morbolvine Clan!


This was a neat event because it showed that there -are- RPers in places other than Ul'dah. You got to meet RPers who do not even use the RPC, and/or who barely RP in Ul'dah.


It was great to see some RP happening at Buscarron's which does not happen as much anymore. Something like this should be done again soon. Maybe a trip to Limsa? There are Limsa RPers who I am sure are just waiting to show their stuff. :D

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We met Xydane at our very first stop, and hopefully we'll meet Rinette since our characters will be in Gridania and the Shroud for awhile!


Being new to the game, I didn't know/think that RP was centered in Ul'dah. I do see a lot of it there but I catch it when I'm visiting the other cities as well! Through my leveling experience (yay I'm 50 now!), it was rarer to catch it out in the world but I totally did see it!


P'ashara would like to go to Limsa Lominsa someday! I think any time she has to make a huge, long trip, this type of RP event would work out well :)


It was nice meeting the Morbolvine clan! Definitely new territory for my Sunseeker.

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