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The Super Noob

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Good afternoon!

My name is Kiwi (or Spud). I'm 28, British, and obviously a bit on the new side here. I'm also very lost among the overwhelming amount of linkshells, free companies, freelancing RPers, etc. That's even with the guides - I tend to be really nervous on the getting started front! I feel like the super noob.


In fact, I'm toddling over from Dreamwidth RP, where I either RP in full prose or with [brackets for indicating action/taking the mick out of my character for being an idiot]. It's a different sort of RP environment, which means I'm extra super lost. 


I want to RP in FF14 because I love the game, the environments it provides, and just plain playing it (I'm currently an iLevel 90 White Mage on Gilgamesh for my non-roleplay character). I sort of know what I'd want out of RP in FF14 (small group, lore adherent, preferably with game progression as part of the RP because I love the gameplay too) but, as I said, I'm so lost.


Help me? Please? 



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Hey there, welcome to the RPC!


First off, take a nice deep breath. It can be a smidge overwhelming while you're adjusting to everything, so don't hesitate to take your time looking at things! Even if you just check out a few LS/FCs per day, you'll get a better idea of established, public groups that both servers provide.


Making Connections and RP Discussion are both forums you could likely get good use out of. And if you want to see some rp, there is the Town Square, which is forum rp and what I started out with before making the transition into game.


Which is why I can assure you that in game is just a little faster and a little shorter (sometimes a lot shorter) than the full prose variety of rp. I still post in paragraphs in game when I need to -- the main difference is you don't have to specify setting or character positioning (the latter not so much until you do something that can't be represented by in game actions). But the rest is all there! There is a limit to number of characters per post in game, but I get around that by typing up everything in notepad (yes, yes, we can all extol the awfulness of notepad) and then splitting it up into multiple posts as I hit the character limit. It's worked very well for me.


This crowd is very friendly, especially to newcomers. If you have any specific questions, feel free to ask them. One thing I have done in the past is to look at characters in the wiki and then pm their players here or in game to arrange for little rp outings. As well, on the Balmung server (there is rp in Gilgamesh too, but as I have never rped on there I cannot offer specifics) there are many people who are open to walkup rp. The big hotspot for rp is the Quicksand in Ul'dah. We're working towards beefing up rp in Limsa Lominsa's Drowning Wench (so please don't hesitate to come walk around Limsa! :D), and I am not sure where the rp is located in Gridania, but I know it is there. As well, I've seen people rping in a host of other locations as I went about leveling, but that's a lot more random and changes depending on where the rp takes people.


If you want someone to meet up with and do some pickup rp in game, I'd be more than happy to, as I'm sure there are plenty of other people who will eventually chime in with invitations. Don't worry, man. We've got your back. :)

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Welcome to the RPC :D There is nothing wrong with being a new person, both to games and to role play. It might take a little while to adjust, but like Zhavi stated we have your back! My name is Jojo, but most people just refer to me as Chika. Everything will be all right. I am going to tell you about my experiences with role play on Gilgamesh, and Balmung.




This is where all of my friends (OK a good majority of my friends) and I started at when A Realm Reborn first came out. We wanted a fresh start, and we wrongly assumed because Balmung was a legacy server that the people there wouldn't be open to new players since players from 1.0 would already have a foot hold in the community. So we picked Gilgamesh since that is the 'second' role play server. At the start things were going well. There was a lot of role play out in public, mainly in Limsa, but in the recent months there has been a shift in the role play community on Gilgamesh. Role play in public is slowing down vastly to a trickle, because Gilgamesh is home to the Reddit, and 4chan, players. So role playing in public brought out the trolls. 


Several of my friends in a role play guild on Gilgamesh noticed the change a while ago, and ended up picking up their entire free company, and transferring to Balmung. I've heard only excellent things of the server since. So it had me thinking about doing a transfer, but I wanted to stay because of my friends on Gilgamesh.


For about the past two months role play on there has hit a brick wall that cannot be moved. From what I have seen a fair amount of role playing free companies tend to stick to the housing developments on the game, because they are less likely to encounter trolling there.




As of Tuesday, July 22nd, I switched my main character (Level 50 in several jobs, 50 in all crafts) over to Balmung. I couldn't be more happier with the switch! Mostly every night I have encountered role play out in public. Zhavi mentioned the Quicksand in Ul'dah. That is correct. For my near week of being on this server that is where I have found all of my role play at (save for what is done with the free company I am in). If you take a peak at the community calendar there are a lot of events hosted on Balmung each month. Tavern nights, tournaments, and a lot of other opportunities to get your character out there in the public, and to get established. I can honestly say I've been very busy this week since my switch compared to Gilgamesh where I haven't role played this more (or done anything really) in two months.


I have noticed that a lot of people on Balmung are more open, and friendly, and very welcoming.



In conclusion

I personally enjoy Balmung more than Gilgamesh, but that is my own opinion on it. In no way do I dislike, or am bashing, the role play or people on Gilgamesh. It is just my personal experience with the server that has created what I stated. 


In the end it is up to you where you go :) We're always here to help you, though. I hope that maybe my experiences can help keep an open mind on the role playing aspect. 


I wish you the best of luck, and I hope to see you around! If you are ever on Balmung feel free to friend request me. My main is Chika Ito

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From what I hear, Gilglamesh has more deeply developed RP group and storylines while Balmung tends to have more casual and open RP's everywhere.


Really, its about quality vs quantity. Balmung has great quantity of RP's, but less of quality and while Gilgamesh has fewer RP's in public, they have very high quality standards.


If you want help and want to learn how to RP then PM me if youre on Balmung. Im always on in the afternoon so I took anybody that wants to RP with me so long as im not busy.    ^_^

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